Make your Web Development Work Easier with Cloud Applications

May 27, 2015

Make your Web Development Work Easier with Cloud Applications

Designing websites has now become easier with some of the cloud applications available in the market. Making use of these applications can improve efficiency, productivity and costs. Some of the cloud applications which will be extremely useful to any web developer are as follows:

Cloud Applications for Web developers:

Web Development with Cloud Computing

  • Codeanywhere: This application is an online integrated development environment which allows us to work on the code, discuss things with fellow coders or we can say colleagues and even reproduce layouts on smart phones, laptop or tablet.

    It is a browser based application which allows to do coding within a given environment using different programming languages like as JavaScript and then save the work in Drop box. The code can be used anywhere by just installing its app on your mobile.

  • Dropbox: We all know or might be aware about Dropbox. This is one of the cloud applications that allows file sharing with colleagues and is helpful when work is done with joint efforts of the team.

    The main thing is the work remains safe as its version control feature saves old versions of your work during last 30 days. This means upgrading the drop box version will not affect your work and you can continue working on it.

  • Typesetter: Good font is necessary to make any website easily visible to the visitors. Typesetter is a browser based application which has the feature to compare different font styles at a time and select the one that is best for your website.

    This application is available for free and runs on the web. So no installation is needed.

  • Adobe Kuler: An amazing cloud application which is used to create various colour palettes with different shades and hues and use them as the themes on the website. The palettes are saved by default to the cloud and hence can be accessed anywhere anytime and then these can also be modified as well as shared with others directly from the cloud.

    These are easily accessible to various Adobe softwares like as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop as well as others. This will save lots of time thus improving accuracy and hence it’s mandatory for your design work.

  • CSS Desk: This application is useful to create code and then take its preview before uploading it to the website. This is quite handy as it prevents you from making errors on the published site.

    The user interface of the CSS Desk is very simple and there’s no need to log in to use it.

  • Evernote: We often get lot of information when we are conducting any research on the internet. With Evernote, one can save this information which can be useful later in future. This information can be in the form of videos as well as the complete website.

    A free user will have 60mb storage space every month and paid users will get upto 1 GB of space. So, now avoid bookmarking every single page and then getting things mess up. Get organized today with Evernote.

  • GitHub: One of the useful Web based application that is used to carry out design related tasks like as creating icon sets as well as front end websites. Some of its inbuilt tools render powerful capabilities which make it an important tool for web designers.

Wind Up

Well, here we have listed some of the cloud based applications which will be useful to web developers to design any website in an effective manner. Day by day, more such tools will be available and we will keep updating you about the same.

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Have you used any of the above applications? Do you have any idea about other such cloud applications? Do share with us.

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