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June 22, 2014

Content Management System is very useful to manage the website as well as upgrade it. With Drupal Web Development, we can create stylish yet informative, easy to manage websites for our business that are used to build our online presence.

Drupal provides multiple web designs that can be used to create elegant website layouts matching the business area. Many web development companies offer Drupal development services that include developing proper CMS, providing assistance related to upgrading CMS on timely basis as well as the extensions used for its updation or addition of any required feature in the website.

Websites developed on Drupal Open source platform are easy to use, manage and update. Being SEO Friendly, it also helps visitors to reach at the right place and avoid any wastage of time. Depending on the nature of website such as eCommerce website, an NGO website and more, Drupal offers relevant themes that suit the purpose that avoiding any confusion to the site viewers and they get a quick idea about the business from the website view.

There are certain Drupal characteristics that make it useful for the business:

  • Drupal Modules:  Depending on your needs, you can select the module that suits your needs and provide you the expected website. For instance, your website can have various features depending on the module you choose such as newsletters, podcast, blogs and more. With these features, the chances to increase web traffic get maximized.

    Let’s consider one feature say blogs, now blogs serve as an excellent means to interact with the viewers and provide them the relevant information about various technical aspects or certain fields related to your business. It can also help students to complete their projects.

    Certain websites get the advantage of being bookmarked just because their blogs provide accurate information about recent business trends and next time your website is given the first preference. Similarly, newsletters, podcasts are also useful to maximize the number of visitors to your website.

    So, depending on the feature requirement; Drupal modules can be selected

  • Various website Formats:  Before creating a website, it is required to have a rough sketch as to how things are going to appear on it and what feel will it give to the audience. Responsive website is what is most popular in today’s times.

With different styles, responsive websites can also be developed using Drupal. Based on the operating system, website views vary from mobile to mobile. To meet all the standards of operating systems, a flexible website is needed that can change its view in such a way that it is readable by the website irrespective of the version or operating system. Such version and OS friendly websites can be created by Drupal. Over and above this, Drupal web development includes:

  • Site maintenance
  • Template design
  • Theme development
  • Custom module development
  • Auto reply email account setup
  • And more as needed.

All of the above mentioned services are offered by Softqube technologies, a reputed Drupal web development company in India. Contact us and get your custom website developed to kick start your business on the information superhighway (internet).

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Hari Patel

I am the Managing Director of Softqube Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a modern-day digital transformation, design and development service provider. We provide services to businesses of all verticals across the globe. I believe and live by a mission that I help more entrepreneurs to build, launch and grow profitable businesses.

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