WordPress Vs. Joomla: Features vs Differences

August 5, 2015

WordPress Vs. Joomla: Features vs Differences

Are you thinking to develop websites? WordPress vs Joomla are the two main platforms that are used to develop awesome websites. These are basically content management systems and can be used as per the need along with the use available plugins.

Plugins are easily available on the internet. Further, both platforms provide several themes and templates that can easily change the look and feel of the websites. These can easily be installed to your server without any additional hosts and subscriptions.

Both of these are available for free with active community that provides complete support which makes it easy for users to develop their systems easily. Apart from similarities, these have differences too which will be discussed here in today’s blog from Softqube Technologies, one of the esteemed Joomla web development companies in India.

Differences between WordPress vs Joomla:

wordpress vs joomla

  • WordPress: This is one of the popular content management systems. It is mostly used as a blogging platform but one can also use it for developing websites with static pages. For beginners, WordPress is perfect. One can eventually grow with it.
  • Joomla: Joomla is perfect for developing all kinds of websites like as corporate sector, business, government, schools and more.Its structure is little bit complex so beginners may find it difficult at initial stages.

    Joomla is the platform used by well known companies like eBay.

  • Themes and Templates: WordPress as well as Joomla offer easy to use templates and themes that can add zest to your website.WordPress offers 3023 themes which are completely search engine friendly. Some of the premium themes are available for free. Themes can be found easily within WordPress. These can be installed easily with a single click or just uploading them from the URL.

    These themes can also be edited using themes editor. Every single element of the theme must be edited. One can add child themes, templates and alter the CSS if one wants.

    If we talk about Joomla then it offers two types of templates: Frontend as well as backend. Unlike WordPress; Joomla doesn’t have any template directory.

    We can say that be it WordPress or Joomla; both offer free and premium themes and templates that too for free.

  • Plugins and Extensions: Now, you have easy access to its features however certain features that are required for your business may not be available and these can be made available through various extensions and plugins.WordPress plugin directory offers 36000 plugins. Premium Plugins are available over the web which can either be purchased or subscribed for and these can then be easily uploaded to our WordPress site. These plugins can be edited with the help of plugins editor.

    Joomla offers 8634 extensions in Joomla extension category. These extensions are segmented into 33 categories such as editing, contacts, mobile, social, communication, site management and lots more.

    Features like as sliders can also be added to the website. Based on your Joomla version, you can choose the extension that is compatible with the same.

Wind up

So, these are some of the differences between WordPress vs Joomla. Both are very apt for developing websites however based on one’s needs; one can select the relevant platform. Before opting for a particular platform, one can definitely get the advice from experts and then take a step ahead so as to avoid any issues in future.

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