Difference Between Web Design & Web Development?
Is Web Design And Web Development The Same?
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Is Web Design And Web Development The Same?

Have you ever thought about developing your own website? If not, it is easier to get confused between the terms Web Design and Web Development. Both these terms are confusing and look similar that most of the people make mistakes by interlinking them. For newbies on the Internet, it is often possible that people consider them to be same and make mistakes causing misconceptions.

Difference Between Web Design & Development

Why difference matters?

Realizing the difference between web design and development helps most companies to understand their requirement and hire people according to their skill set. Since a web designer is not having the same skills as a web developer, understanding who can provide services in different fields can help you achieve your goals effectively. It could be possible that you hire a web designer and realize that you need a developer, therefore end up wasting time, money and effort required in hiring the right potential. Even clarifying the difference between these two terms can help serve markets in a better way.

What is web design?

Web design India is an art of designing a website in such a way that customers and visitors can access website traffic. It involves various aspects in terms of improving functionality, appearance, content and interface so that the end user experience could be enhanced as per the client requirements. The aim of a quality web designer is to ensure that website design can be improvised in order to cater user requirements and ensure that the interface is of high standards. Web design primarily focuses on how a website looks like and what it contains, while it doesn’t look into coding and programming aspects of websites. The fact is that web designers are not programmers so they have more idea about visual aspects of a website. A few designers understand the basic programming and functioning aspects of website but they are not experts in tweaking the code in languages.

What is web development?

Web development includes improving the programming aspects of a website by changing the actual code or modifying the code to improve overall functionality. Web developers can make use of scripting and programming languages. Developers understand how a website works and what actions need to be done. They play a key role in improving the overall functioning of a website. There are many web developers that work as freelancers or associated with companies. One can hire a developer to improve web design India and also make changes in the code level by looking into bugs and improvements.

How web developers work with Web Designers?

Generally, the role of web developers and designers go hand in hand. Both could be inextricably connected and can perform jobs together to improve overall functioning and design aspects of websites. Both have a symbolic relationship between each other and can be part of a team that works for web design and development. Most people outsource to those companies that can integrate the aspects of web designer and developer to create a completely functioning website.

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