Develop iPhone Apps without any Programming Experience

September 21, 2014

Hi Friends, Welcome to our blog! Once again we are here with you to share our experience about iPhone and iPad Apps. Today, we are going to learn about creating iPhone and iPad Apps and that too without any programming knowledge. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? But it’s true.

Let’s start with our process of creating applications without any use of programming knowledge and enjoy this amazing journey.

Programming as we are aware can be easily learnt by self and so we will definitely show you the way how you can do so? But this requires keen desire to learn and do things on own with self guidance. So, be ready with all your enthusiasm to learn something new.

iPhone and iPad Apps

  • Creating Object oriented programming:
    People think that programming is somewhat that’s to be done to instruct computer exactly what needs to be done but in case of developing applications for iPhone it’s different.
    Programming languages useful for creating mobile applications especially for iPhone use a language called Objective C .Objective C is a kind of object oriented programming language which means a bunch of objects connecting with each other. Every object is recognized by a blue print that displays the characteristics of that particular object.

    Blue print is used to prepare the instance of any object that will be used to perform the tasks. Let’s assume that it is a blue print is a clay mould which can be given the shape we actually want our object to be in.

    An iPhone and iPad Apps contains a series of such blue prints that instructs programmes to develop instances and then provide commands as well as statements for the objects which help the objects to perform the tasks and connect with each other properly.

    So, this has made very clear in your mind about what exactly an object is!

    Let’s go ahead.

  • Defining a Class:Class is another term for blueprint and so whenever we use the term “ class” , it is understood that we are talking about blue prints or instances or whatever you feel is better. So, in this Object C language, class is known as a combo of two files a”.h” file and a”.m” file.

    There are many names for these files but we will use the same as of Apple because it is for iOs and we want our applications to be approved by Apple and not rejected for small issues. Here “a” means the file name and rest is the extension like abc.h & abc. m where extension h refers to header (main) file and extension m refers to the source file.

    Header file includes all sorts of procedures, variables required to be connected with the file and source file contains the logic to be applied to the language. A class is defined by a combination of header and source file.

Take Away:

This is not the end, there are still many more steps to go which we will discuss in our further blogs. So stay tuned and in case you need any assistance regarding iPhone app development then experts at Softqube technologies are always ready for you.

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