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February 17, 2015

Have you ever wondered on what basis the success or failure of any website is evaluated? The normal answer to this question would be the design of the website. But friends, this is wrong. The truth is revealed here.

Any website’s success is measured based upon its usability and utility, how useful it is, how user friendly it is and last but not the least, how much attractive it is? Who will examine the website and define it good or bad? Obviously, the user because users are the people who often visit websites, click on it several times and therefore it’s the user that decides whether the website is good or bad.

Due to this reason, now a days while creating any website, it becomes necessary to create it with a user centric approach as this will make a website successful as well as profit oriented. Any feature that’s not easily accessible by the visitors is of no use in your website.

Effective Website Development

So, here our topic of discussion is about some effective principles that will help the user to create effective websites. Let’s move on and know about them:

Productive Web Design Principles:

Before taking these principles into consideration, it’s necessary to know how actually users interact with the website, what they expect when they actually see any website.

Basic Patterns of User Behavior:

When we go in a store what we do? The similar thing, users do on a website. They take a look at every page, every product or service, grab the things what is of use to them, click on the link that really interests them and in case any of the web page fails to meet the user expectations, then immediately they click on the back button.

So, keeping this pattern in mind let’s see what factors must be considered while creating a website:

  • Avoid designs that force users to think much: If we want to make the website extremely user friendly then as per Krug’s usability law, Web page should be self explainable. This means while reading the web page, users must not have several questions in mind. Everything should be understood easily.

    In order to avoid these question marks and too many thoughts, the site structure and the navigation must be interactive. This makes easier for the users to move along the website with ease thus reducing distress and they can easily find the way that leads them to their aim.

  • Avoid forcing users to share personal data: Suppose, you have a website that offers some good service. Now, when any visitor comes to your site for the first time, it’s interest is to go through the entire site, know about your niche, type of services you offer and lots more things.

    In this case, user won’t be directly willing to share their data with you. So, avoid adding features that stop user from deeply exploring the site and asking for email addresses to test any feature. Never compel any visitor to share their data just to get in touch with you.

  • User’s concentration should be deviated: Once the user enters your website, it should be stuck in such a manner that until and unless he/she achieves its purpose they should not be willing to go. So, create a website in such a way that it is successful in maintain users focus and they don’t get diverted.
  • Effective Writing and Simplicity: Website font, writing style should be adjusted to the need of users’ preferences and browsing habits. People avoid reading promotional writing. Avoid using huge text blocks without any attractive images and never make use of bold italic keywords.

    Bold italic keywords should never be used when creating a professional business oriented website. Instead, apply the motto of Keep it simple and smooth. Yes, it should be eye catching but words should not hit the eyes.

    People generally visit website to gain information and not to look at its design. So, information is of top priority. Just make it as simple as you can in such a way that one can easily get what it wants and the purpose if fulfilled successfully.

    If we talk about visitors view, then they love to see plain text without any advertisements and this is the reason why user friendly web pages are necessary to render proper experience.

Hope these principles will surely help you to develop a good enchanting business website. After all, it’s a website that actually matters on the World Wide Web. So, if you wish to get effective websites developed from the hands of experts then get in touch with Softqube Technologies, a well known Web Development Services provider in India.


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