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Logo Design

Five characteristics of Logo Design Services

April 16, 2014

You have your business and a simple yet appealing website for it; still you are looking for something unique that just represents your business in “One Look”, something that strikes users mind with your business whenever they see the thing, is nothing but the your “Business Logo”. Every Business needs to have a Logo, which creates its own unique identity in the World. Initially logo design services are very expensive, as few people know its importance. But as the importance and the demand increase, there is a huge rise in logo design companies that assures you to provide best design services at affordable rate, no wonder we are also part of it, but we do have something, that stand us ahead in the competition.

What we believe, when designing your business logo?

We do believe that each business needs its unique logo, by which individuals recognize their brands. So, whether you have your own idea and need an expert to customize your idea into an outstanding logo, we help you, here are some of the basic characteristics that we follow, when you hire us for our logo design services.

1. Stay Simple

The basic need for your logo that it should be quickly and easily recognized and individual will immediately associate your logo with your business or brand, when they see it once. We avoid too many colors and or complicated design, as it distracts users from associating with your brands.

2. Make It Unique

We do believe in simple design, but it doesn’t mean that, your business logo will be boring. We provide you with a really cool logo, for some references, you can check out our logo design services portfolio. We design your logo in such a way, which makes people to always have a second look and leaves it impression on their memory.

3. Stay Purposeful

Creativity is important, yet we give you the logo, which is appropriate for your business or brand.  If your company deals in food product, then possessing a logo of shoes as your business logo will distract your users to associate that logo of the shoes with cat food, no matter the logo is too awesome. Your logo is a voice of your brand, so make it focused and appropriate, with our logo design services.

4. Make It Versatile

Versatility of the logo, is one important factor, which should be considered when designing a logo, it is obvious that you will use your logo in many places possible, as it represents your brand. So, it is important to have a logo, which can easily used and merge up with various mediums, either for offline branding or for on-line branding. When we create or customize your business logo, we always consider all the possible aspects and area of interest, that where you want to promote your brand.

5. Stay Timeless

Nobody wants to have a logo that strikes like a hot match and then disappear. The one thing associate with logo designing is to make it timeless, which will lead to remember your corporate logo for a long time. It never makes it boring, instead it make it part of life, that people love to see it again and again, some of the best examples are, Microsoft, Nike, Twitter, and many more around us. So, we make it timeless for you, which make your brand also timeless.

We always create logo simple yet interesting, we provide clutter free logo design services, which speaks for your business on behalf of you. We as a graphic designing company working and constantly growing the business for over 7 years; we have came across various demands of business professionals, but they do have one thing in common after working with us, they have a “Great Corporate Logo”. We always experienced that the “key” to an outstanding logo is keeping the design simple.

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Hari Patel

I am the Managing Director of Softqube Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a modern-day digital transformation, design and development service provider. We provide services to businesses of all verticals across the globe. I believe and live by a mission that I help more entrepreneurs to build, launch and grow profitable businesses.

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