Gocodes : Effective WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Link

December 12, 2014

To be safe and not to lose the long term customers every website owners are taking an effective measure that is by hiding affiliate link. WordpPress is the best that helps to hide the affiliate links. Here we will let you know about the plugins for WordPress Plugins that helps to hide the URL.

It is examined that affiliate marketing is giving a great opportunity to make money through Blogging and also helps in regulating the affiliate marketing, more affiliate programs means more money.
There are many online sites that guide to hide the affiliate link without editing .htaccess. is a common tag and that helps to edit affiliate link.

“Gocodes WordPress plugin” – It helps to hide and keep a record of clicks made on the affiliate link. It is the easiest plugin that helps to edit affiliate link and makes it look like a normal link.

Here are few queries that come to mind while editing like How to start with the Gocodes WordPress plugin?
Does it look normal and helps in SEO too?

Yes, the best part of this plugin is that it makes the link look pretty and normal and also helps in SEO.
Instead of using the affiliated link directly on the blog the user can edit using the plugin and make it look beautiful.

Here are the steps that help to use Gocodes plugin

  • Get an easy download of Gocodes plugin
  • Extract and upload the plugin to the folder of WordPress plugins
  • Run the plugin from saved folder.
  • Install using the setting: Navigate to Settings >Gocodes Settings and change the default /go/ code to something recommended.
  • Choose the URL trigger such as recommended or offer it makes the link look perfect.

GoCodes Setting
Uncheck the checked box that will make the follow tag stop passing through affiliate links.
Edit the robots.txt file and put in “URL trigger“, as forbid.

Never use too many affiliate links as it can bring negative impact in SEO but Gocodes plugin makes it easy, as it keeps the domain under the user and have default No follow attributes.

Now, convert links into Gocgocodes-effective-wordpress-plugins-affiliate-link/odes link as, Navigate to Tools> Gocodes under the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Plugins
Redirect Key: Name of the product or your own imagination name

Example: ReadmeQuickly

Target URL: URL on which the user will be redirected
Example:  http://www.example.com/recommended.html?gclid=Cj0KEQiAw/ReadmeQuickly?id=200#
Final output:  http://www.example.com/recommended/ReadmeQuickly/

Gocodes plugin,facilitates count the hits on affiliate links. By default, the checkbox is unchecked so one can check it manually to create a link and analyze the efficiency of markets.

The linking feature in plugin helps to create an SEO smart link and it is a good plugin for link cloaking.However the feature to import and export cloaked affiliate URL’s is missing in this, but still it is very effective and helps to handle a number of blogs.

Try the WordPress plugin and get the affiliated link look pretty!!

Wind up

Make your affiliate marketing more attractive by developing pretty affiliate links that attract visitors. Get in touch with well known affiliate marketing companies like Softqube Technologies to know more about updates in affiliate marketing industry.

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