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Apps Development: Developing Custom Ringtones for Android

January 24, 2015

With mobiles becoming an important part of one’s life, people take utmost care of it. Further, everyone loves to have polyphonic ringtones for their mobile. However, sometimes there are times when options are less and demands are more.

As a result, people have to get satisfied with whatever is available. So, we decided to provide some basic teaching on how custom ringtones can be created as this will help some of the Android smart phone users to develop ringtones of their likes and enjoy the melody when the phone rings.

Yes, options are there to set a pre-loaded ringtone however these ringtones are not always loved by people. One of the options can be downloading the favorite song from Google play however the sound quality may not be appropriate to suit the ringtone needs.

So, it’s better to learn to create a custom ringtone never knows when it can lead to name and fame. It’s easy to create these custom ringtones with the help of Android ringtone creation apps. So, let’s look deeper here:

Developing Custom Ringtones for Android Smart phones

First of all, we will see how to create ringtones from any audio or mp3 file available in our smartphone and then we will move ahead with Android ringtone maker apps. There are lot of options available when it comes to ringtone creation for Android smart phones.

One can easily cut the parts of the songs on computer; download some easy to use apps on Google play store. So, first of all we need to have some songs in our Android tablet or mobile; may be saved on micro SD card or available on Google Play music collection.

Then next step is to download any of the well known apps available for making ringtones. Then, crop the part of the song that is going to be the part of the ringtone.

MP3 Ringtone Maker

Android Apps for Making Ringtones

Ringtone maker is an app developed to create ringtones, alarm tunes, notifications from various audio file formats like mp3, wav, aac, mp4, 3gpp and amr. The only thing is to select the start and ending notes of a song that are to be used as ringtone and this can be done by pressing the Start and End button to record the points.

Cut and paste , Fade in and fade out are also the options available which helps to develop a soothing ringtone that doesn’t blare and scare everyone around us.

Click here to Download Ringtone Maker App

A video is available on Google Play store that explains how ring tone maker can be used to develop soothing lovely ringtones for our smart phone and how easy this app is to use.


Another important app which allows creating ringtones in simple easy process without any hassle for downloading songs from computer, sound editing etc is Zedge. It has a unique collection of songs, ringtones, wallpapers, photos and more. It also has short sound files for message sounds.

One can easily download this app from Google Play store. Everything that one needs such as customized ring tone for specific contacts and more, this app has it all. In short, Zedge is the one stop destination for all ring tone lovers.

Wind Up

These two apps are definitely going to assist ring tone lovers and provide them as many different types of ring tones as they wish to. Hence, try any one of these apps and fulfill your wish of having your lovely song as your ring tone.

To stay updated about various other such interesting topic, regularly checkout the Softqube Technologies blogs.

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