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Search Engine Optimization

Creating SEO Friendly Internal Links to Increase Rankings

September 24, 2014

Links from different websites are important for Google’s search algorithm. The links on your website have a deeper influence in Google search results and it also helps to boost the position of web page in Google search results.SEO Friendly Internal Links

Here, we are going to discuss about internal linking structure of your website that will definitely help search engines to index your pages properly.

How to create internal links for your website?

  • Optimizing the menu links of your website: The main important part of any website is its navigation menu which makes a huge impact on all pages of the website. If all the web pages are directly linked to the company profile having the anchor text “About” then it is possible that when visitors search for your company name can easily find this page in search results.Always use keywords in website menus as this will reveal that your pages are relevant to the search keywords.
    Optimize Menu Links
  • Have the internal links to the top categories: One of the best ways to do this is to use bread crumbs (not the ones we use for eating) to link product pages to the top categories. These help user to easily reach to the main page from any particular web page of the site.There are various types of breadcrumbs and regarding this we will discuss in detail in our upcoming blogs. Some of these are location based bread crumbs, keyword based etc and much more.
  • Hook up the Product Pages: Always interlink product pages to one another as this will help visitors to easily switch between the web pages. For instance, if you are selling cotton garments as well as silk ones then both should be interlinked so that if any visitor wants to shift between cotton and silk, he/she can do so.

    Hook up the Product Pages
  • Get Category Pages in Loop: Interlinking category pages on your website renders you a very good opportunity to easily navigate among different categories. Category pages are of utmost importance. So, it is advisable to link category pages with particular keyword anchor text that serve as a good keyword as well as properly explain the categories.
  • Connecting blogs with product as well category pages: If any of your blog post resembles to any of the categories or product available in your website then you must link those blogs to that product or category page. This link can be made available anywhere in the content.It is recommended to use the keywords that are used to get maximum rankings. A perfect anchor text can be used to describe product or category in a perfect way.

Wind up:

Optimizing the internal links is a way to increase the strength of your links which help you to get more rankings. Using relevant anchor texts will help Google to rank your web pages for the perfect keywords. If you wish to get more details regarding link building and other SEO strategies then Softqube Technologies is here as reliable SEO service provider in India having a good team of SEO experts who can assist you regarding each and every SEO matter.

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