Migrating Mobile Site to a Desktop Site

October 14, 2014

In today’s mobile first world, many businesses have their site designed for mobile only. This becomes a problem while migrating it into a desktop environment and certain steps must be taken to ensure a smooth transition.

Mobile Site to a Desktop Site

This blog discusses the steps that are essential in ensuring smooth transition from a mobile first codebase to a multi responsive codebase.

Step 1: Identify the reason for taking this transition

Before proceeding any further, consider the reasons for transitioning from a mobile first to a responsive site. You need to have solid justifiable reason for using up precious resources in the transition. You must have answers for the following questions:

  • Why and how does this transition benefit your target audience?
  • Will this transition ensure the continued success of your business?
  • Will this transition ensure that you reach new audiences?
  • Will this transition ensure that you are a step ahead of your competitors?

Only go forward if you could answer the questions asked above. If you could not, then it is probably best to not divert precious resources in the transition.

Step 2: Identify the teams necessary for smooth transitions

Identifying the necessary individuals who need to be involved is essential in streamlining the workflow and ensuring a smooth transition. Typically these are some of the teams who are involved in these transitions:

  • Brand
  • Mobile and Mobile Marketing teams
  • IT teams and the Developer teams
  • Analytics and Online marketing teams
  • E-Commerce team for retailers
  • Marketing teams
  • Creative teams for creative ideas
  • User Experience teams for getting the right user experience

After the teams have been identified, it is now time to move up to next step which is to identify the necessary work that each team need to take in order to successfully complete the transition.

Step 3: Identify the necessary actions to be taken

We already know that the end result is to roll out the mobile site into a desktop/responsive site. We have identified the individual teams who will be involved in process. Now it is necessary to identify the actions that each team must take to reach the end goal.

  • Identify all the mobile site pages
  • Identify the existing redirect strings in the mobile site
  • Map the mobile pages to desktop pages
  • Test the user acceptance of the new design with UAT
  • Optimize the desktop pages for both desktop and mobile users
  • Create a custom 404 not found page for mobile users
  • Test the site on multiple devices to ensure resolution independence
  • Resize images for the mobile experience
  • Identify the mobile feature gaps to be retired
  • Audit the current mobile site
  • Identify the difference between your mobile and desktop users
  • Ensure that your desktop site can handle the pressure of all the desktop and mobile users with load testing
  • Update the analytics to suit both environments

Final Step: Identify when and how you are going to start the transition

Finally you need to identify the right time for starting this transition. Ideally the right time should be based on the amount of traffic, the amount of visibility and the amount of revenue. Once these are identified, the rest is just systematic planning and co-ordination between different teams.

Wind up:

Mobile websites are most preferable nowadays. But still, some access websites on their a Desktop Sitedesktop. So, it is necessary for business to have a responsive website which can be used by each and every client. In order to get such websites developed, you can get in touch with well known Web Design and Development Company in India, Softqube Technologies.

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