Softqube Vehicle Tracking System Guide

January 19, 2014

Want to track any kind of vehicles on the roads for any purpose? Then,Vehicle Tracking System is really good option there that monitors vehicle constantly, recovers stolen vehicle quickly or reduces the risk of excessive damage. In additions, it can increase efficiency of both the vehicles and the drivers.

We bring the most reliable and efficient service in vehicle tracking and management technology. Our tracking system is effective for all kinds of transactions, including buses, cars, bikes and refrigerated vans, etc. We have also included smart features to monitor the driving habits of employees and correct bad habits that are dangerous or inefficient. As well, it helps to improve fuel efficiencies, reduce fuel costs and reduce fuel consumption by detecting and eliminating excessive engine.

When we think about GPS (Global Positioning Systems), we always think first about getting directions, finding a stolen vehicle or maybe, parents tracking the location of teenage children. In our web-based tracking system, we have also used a GPS system to track the exact locations of Trucks, Lorries, Busses, Individuals or other assets to which it is attached. It records the positions of vehicle at regular intervals and then transfer to a central database with the help of cellular (GPRS) modem embedded in the unit. This lets the location to be displayed on a map in real-time or over a span of time.

If your company is trying to survive in a competitive environment, high productivity and performance in customer service, then GPS tracking system might be your strongest competitive advantage. Tracking locations of customer vehicle immediately in times of trouble, you can increase customer satisfaction, improve customer retention and even improve fuel, driver/employee efficiency and productivity.

The Geo-fencing option is a part of our vehicle tracking system enables you to set boundaries for each vehicle. With this system, you will get an instant alert, in case your vehicle is taken outside that defined area. It not only protects your vehicle in the night, but also monitors the illegal use of company vehicle.

Generally, we believe that vehicle tracking system is beneficial only for owners, but it’s a totally wrong belief as it is equally beneficial for drivers too. Drivers can verify whereabouts, accurate job performance information, accurate log of stops, precise job performance tracking, remove false accusations, etc.

With Softqube GSM GPS based tracking system, you can enjoy services like tracking vehicle and other real time objects through Web Portal, control vehicle and device remotely using GPS, Receive and display various alarms, historical route display and other information, etc. Overall, our system will help you to reduce labor, fuel; increase productivity, safety revenue; improve customer satisfaction; plan your routes more effectively; and even track your team at any time.

To access more details about our GSM GPS based vehicle tracking system, you can contact us at +91 (79) 6512 7563, or visit our official webpage anytime.

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