The Concept of Zero UI

September 11, 2015

Have you heard people talking about Zero UI? What is Zero UI? How it is useful? These are the questions that will occur in our mind when we think about this new interface. Today, in this blog post from Web Design India, we will know more about this new user interface.

What is Zero UI?

The idea of removing the obstructions between user and the device is known as Zero UI. This has a more unending interaction with technology. As we see today; industry advancements are moving towards instinctive technological parts.

These today serve as an environment which constantly keeps us connected with the world thus offering meaningful interactive spaces. Zero UI is everything about how users get connected with the content.

At present; we have devices having touch screen or those that have remote control. Zero UI is the way through which people get more engaged with the technological devices. Now is the time of gesture based user interfaces.

An example of these gesture based user interface is gaming world. Gaming world has adopted gesture controls as a means of offering more natural user experience. Some of the examples are Think Wii, Play Station Move and Microsoft Kinect.

Google’s New Announcement:

The ability to control gaming console is less tied to button commands thus helping us to integrate more properties of physical space and motion. Recently, Google made an announcement about the advancement of gesture control.

This initiative is through the Project Soli; which is a chip that allows user to gesture above a device without the need to touch screen directly. By tapping small buttons on the small screen; users will be able to use hand gestures that affect the physical controls.

Any technical aspect which is not understood properly can sometimes leads to serious issues. We all have technical devices that are a part of this environment however lack of proper knowledge can refrain us from making their proper use.

For the multidimensional lives that we are currently living, it is advisable that we should have multi dimensional devices too. One must understand a complete 360 degree advantage of these technical devices.

Hence, Zero UI as said is the future of all the interfaces. So, here we can say with increase in the use of technological devices; it is necessary that this interface must also be used and adopted by people. In future, it will be mandatory for people to use these user interfaces.

In today’s era; visual things are more important. The reason; most of the devices we use today have screens. It’s everything about making distance from these screens that Zero UI is all about. It is rightly known as Internet of the Things.

Wind Up:

Hope we offered you sufficient amount of information about Zero UI. For more such updates about latest hip and happenings in the design field, stay connected with us. Our web design experts will help you to understand every new concept in depth so as to have proper understanding about the same.

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