Competitors of Joomla Content Management System
Major Competitors of Joomla

Major Competitors of Joomla

Joomla is one of the widely used content management systems. Most of the business people use Joomla to manage their websites. Today, we will learn about some of the Joomla competitors. Hence, this blog post will be suitable for all those who are willing to take knowledge about other content management systems apart from Joomla.

Few people might be surprised to know that Joomla competitors also exist. Well, you might be aware of the names like WordPress, Drupal along with Joomla. These three always are in hand to hand with each other.

Joomla CMS Competitors

However, it will be a big surprise to know that these are tough competitors of one another. These three are open source CMSes available for free. For many purposes, these are very common however they have some differences which make them useful for different tasks.

So, let’s take a look at each of them.

  • WordPress: This is considered as the head of content management systems. It has nearly 1,400,000 downloads while Joomla has 50, 00,000 approximately. This makes the site powerful by making it on the top of 100 sites.

    WordPress is one of the frequent choices of users especially beginners, new site owners, bloggers, firms developing business card websites. The use of WordPress is now a considered as a legend.

    It offers thousands of plugins and themes and hence is widely opted by people. This offers a special feel to your website. When it comes to flexibility and customization space then Joomla is preferred the most.

    Joomla is opted for developing complex websites while WordPress is for those who use or love to have simple websites.

  • Drupal: Drupal is a CMS that is recommended for coders by the coders. Drupal serves the purpose of those websites having complex database and multilevel structure. While talking about user friendliness; Drupal is less intuitive as compared to WordPress and Joomla.

    So, if you are thinking of expanding your website with some special functionality and are in need of specific branding options then you must opt for a platform that is more users friendly as compared to Drupal.

    Hence, if we want to rank Joomla, WordPress and Drupal then Joomla will be ranked in the middle of WordPress and Drupal when it comes to ease of use and flexibility because WordPress is more flexible while Drupal is the least and Joomla offers average flexibility.

    Yes, all of three are popular but that doesn’t mean these are the best. There are many new CMSes that are available today and which may prove better than these three. The reason we know these is due to their popularity but as these new will gain fame they too will be renowned.

So, let’s take a look at few of these content management systems which can overtake Joomla:

  1. Expression Engine: This is commercial open source software by Ellis Lab. It is used by both commercial as well as non profit organizations for every kind of projects ranging from content based sites to membership websites. It offers enormous member management features.

    Even though it is open source platform, it offers best technical level support for its users. For now it is available for $49 per month and more of its paid plans will be available soon.

    It takes great care of safety and security and provides complete features to prevent your site from attacks. It has an intuitive panel which offers limitless opportunities for creating the website as per the need and want.

    Further, various addons are available that can help you to take your site to the next level. It allows to manage multiple websites from one common backend. To take complete advantage of this content management system; you can purchase its license at $299. Yes, free version can also be used but it has certain limitations.

    Yet, before subscribing to it; it is advisable to do a deep research about it and if you think that this is the CMS that is useful to you then you can definitely go for it.

  2. Concrete 5: Similar to Joomla, it is a free and opensource CMS. At present, it is available in two forms: hosted and self hosted. However, it is recommended for those who have some previous experience of using a CMS.

    Various addons and themes are available that will be useful to create any kind of the website. Some of these are paid such as eCommerce addons, blogs or discussion board functionality and most of the standard ones are available at no cost.

    This CMS provides various features that make it unique. These include document management, contact management, project tracking and file distribution plugins. Hence, it can be a good tool for many businesses.

  3. CMS Made Simple: It is a developer oriented CMS which offers a basic package that allows easily extending the site with proper functionality. It provides third party integration ability where missing elements can be easily coded by users themselves.

    The way it handles supporting issues is unique in this CMS. A community forum is available here to answer the questions and get any professional help from developers. It is best suitable for small and medium enterprises.

Wind Up

We all know that Joomla is a very robust stool for developing websites. However, now it is not the only one that is used to develop websites; several other options are also available here. So, you can select the one that is right for you.

Make sure to know what you need and what features you want in a CMS. This will help you to make a proper choice. You might be looking for ways to migrate your site or extend it using a CMS then you are at the right place, Softqube Technologies will help you to do this task in an easy manner.

Get in touch with our expert Web developers, discuss with them your requirements and you will get a perfect solution for your needs.

Wait for none, get started today. List your choices and choose the right tool or we can say CMS that will help to fulfill your needs.

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