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Comparison Between Two eCommerce Platforms: Magento & Demand Ware

December 13, 2015

Comparison Between Two eCommerce Platforms: Magento & Demand Ware

eCommerce Industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Today, there are several eCommerce platforms that can be used to initiate an online business. Here, in this blog post we are going to compare the two most well known eCommerce platforms viz. Magento and Demand Ware.

Magento and Demand Ware:

Both of them are popular. Some of the largest online stores in the world are based on these platforms. There are many fastest growing retailers like as Harvey Nichols, Paul Smith as well as brands like Adidas, Lacoste, Brook Brothers that use Demand Ware.

Demand Ware is very useful software that offers enterprise solution but both Magento and Demand Ware are completely different platforms providing different features, functionality suited to several merchant types.

The best choice depends on specific requirements however this article will include the strength of every platform and offer a starting point for comparison.

The Demand Ware website offers more guidance about the basic features of the platform. Here, we have compared some of the functionalities that are available on both the platforms.

Comparison among the functionalities of both the eCommerce platforms:

Hosting/ Maintenance: The huge difference lies between the hosting offered by both the eCommerce platforms. In case, you prefer cloud based or self hosted platform then it can alone help you to make the decision.

Demand ware provides an entire hosted service where the entire infrastructure is managed by demand ware team itself. This seems to be an attractive part for the development team when they are unable to manage updates and hosting on their own.

It also reduces the burden of scaling the servers as well as implementing a security patch. This platform has an approval process for any major site customization and also has some restrictions.

In case, you are looking for a complete control, flexibility and the platform that has an ability to quickly get adapted to changes then Demand ware is not for you.

Coming to Magento, it offers store owners the entire control of the platform. Magento is a self hosted solution and it provides direct access of the infrastructure to the technical team. There are many Magento agencies that have strong relationships with hosting partners.

As a result, it can act as an intermediary between you and the hosting provider in order to handle all upgrades and infrastructure changes. One can also use their own servers or manage AWS services themselves.

At present, Demand Ware is considered to be ahead of Magento in terms of scalability and performance. However, the new Magento edition; Magento 2 has perfectly addressed criticism and now it can handle up to 1 million unique visitors and 3.6 million revenue per hour. However, for next two months; Magento 2 will still be under considerable maintenance.

Further these two softwares vary a lot in terms of:

  • Integration: Magento comes with huge digital community which is constantly behind its development. It already has some ready to use integrations useful for its third party service of choice.

    On the other hand Demand Ware takes integrations from different angles showcasing itself as a well known channel for getting eCommerce, order management into one solution.

  • Support: Demand ware offers 24/7 support with higher licensing costs while Magento offers additional support packages along with development services. So, if you choose Magento; you need to hire expert Magento developers for support.
  • Personalization: Demand ware has advanced data collection and analysis that can be used to send personal messages. The same data collection can be available from Magento with significant investment from any skilled agency. But it also offers strong loyalty scheme and customer segmentation.
  • Multi store: Demand ware and Magento software supports huge international retailers and hence these can support most of the eCommerce operations in different markets. Both offer merchant store administrators the ability to manage multiple stores with regional translations, product inventories and various promotions available at local, global and regional levels.
So, which is best for your business?

Both the platforms are capable enough to support high trafficked, high profile merchants on the worldwide web. Demand ware and Magento enterprise attract different kinds of retailers. Demandware is still a choice for higher tier retailers because of its fully hosted service and easy integration capabilities.

Magento 2 promises to provide higher performance and flexibility as well as easily customizable eCommerce at affordable prices. Both options are well established in the eCommerce industry but ultimately the choice will be based on budget, flexibility as well as individual requirements.

Wind Up:

Hope this blog post is useful to you. Stay connected with us for more such updates about eCommerce Industry.

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