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How to use Browser Stack for Testing Cross Browser and Cross Platform Compatibility?

January 30, 2016

How to use Browser Stack for Testing Cross Browser and Cross Platform Compatibility?

In the web development industry, it is necessary to maintain the quality of the product. Yes, this is a time consuming task however it is a must as it directly affects success and failure.

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Cross-program and cross-stage comparability:

The basic parts of product quality are its cross-program and cross-stage comparability. Testing how your web pages appear on different devices like as desktop, mobile platforms is as important as any other testing method.

Why it is important to check this compatibility?

An image is the key thing a customer sees, and most of people will remain focused on the page if its structure is demonstrated in a proper way in light of a couple of segments of a specific system. A customer leaves the page for various reasons such improper user experience, difficulty viewing the website on mobile devices, improper navigation and more.

Hence, in order to make sure that the website is compatible with most of the devices; it is advisable to have a compatibility check so that before making the website live; one is rest assured that it will display properly on all the devices.

How is cross-platform and cross-program testing normally dealt with?

Normally cross-program and cross-platform testing is conducted using one of the methods which is as follows:

  • Testing on physical devices: This framework may not by and large be useful because every time you may have to take new device for testing. This is one of the expensive methods as various mobile devices are very costly and most of the customers may also test the website on something unusual. However, the main thing is it offers accurate results.
  • Emulation of the required devices: This system is a great deal less costly than the previous one because here only labor hours are considered for imitation of required devices.

    Associations won’t have to routinely buy new devices or assign separate space for them.

    The disadvantage of this procedure is that the testing is done on emulators, not on physical machines, so here and there the testing results can be invalid. Moreover, if another structure shows up, it should be presented and developed from base.

Using Browser Stack for cross-stage and cross-program testing:

Today, maximum reputation can be grabbed by cross-program and cross-stage similitude testing with online organizations such as Saucelabs and BrowserStack.

The key favorable circumstances of the Browser Stack organization are straightforwardness, settlement, speed, the ability to test on bona fide stages. To start testing with Browser Stack, you don’t need to present or organize anything for a long time.

To improve the solace, and notwithstanding test secretly sent regions, you can present a project plugin. For live testing, except for the latest and out of date system frames, there are pre-release program interpretations of IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

So, what are the benefits of using Browser Stack?

Browser Stack grants remote testing on physical devices.

  • The screenshots created by you start working on desktop where trouble spots can be noted down and testing can be continued without sending the screenshots from tablet or phone to desktop.

    It becomes easy to make edits and share screenshots with Browser Stack using a previously developed command.

  • One can easily shift from one platform to another.

    Testing can be done in different resolutions available in a list. This activates responsive design testing with manual window resizing.

More advantages of Browser Stack Testing:

With the help of browser stack, one can get screenshots of entire page. This boosts the speed of testing web pages. It also supports the automated testing function with the use of JavaScript automated tests.

Take Away:

Keeping all things in mind we can say that Browser Stack is vital both for QA analyzers as well as developers since it makes site testing less complex, more worthwhile, and less time consuming.

At present, Browserstack offers 30 minutes of free manual testing for cross browser. Hence, in the initial basis one can give it a try and if it’s suitable then one can definitely go for it.

Hope this blog post will serve as a perfect guide for all developers who are searching for tools to test cross browser compatibility of their website. For more such guidance, stay tuned to Softqube Technologies offering cost effective services in web development India.

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