Commonly Used iOS App Development Tools

May 4, 2020

Commonly Used iOS App Development Tools

While it seems hard to believe that about 2 million apps exist now on Apple store, the figures are escalating. Each day brings more apps as everybody loves iOS App Development as a mobile operating system that has hit the headlines. iOS brings excellent plus points to developers. 

Comparing with the Android system, developers find greater difficulty in mobile app creation on the iOS system. Concerning mobile app development, iOS is exacting and precise. In order to qualify for the Apple store, apps must show supremely vigorous functionality. Excellent UI and UX scalable construction would be deemed essential. iPhones and iPads, along with iPods, would use the entire range of apps on Apple devices. 

Remember those earlier times when C and C++ programming were used to build iOS mobile apps?  These programs suited small devices with their usually little screens. Practices and preferences have changed nowadays with the times. Advanced iOS options are available now with super iOS development tools. With low labour and time, it is now possible to construct scalable and striking, useful and inclusive apps. The new iOS app development languages are Objective-C and Swift.

iOS App Development

How to ensure the success of an iOS app? 

The tools are used for iOS development matter. Particular sets of tools facilitate smooth and practical work. Build high-quality apps that are absolutely superior and very competitive. Simplify work schedules with high-end apps.

This article throws light on a few essential iOS creation tools that are in high demand amongst iOS app developers. 


A significant part of iOS app development, documentation keeps developers busy during the early stages. Well done effectively at the early stages, there is little hassle later. Be logical at this fundamental stage. 

Get to know a few vital documentation tools:


Among the most proficient is the Jazzy command-line utility tool. Jazzy brings superb results by using SourceKit and Clang AST representation of codes. Jazzy works with Swift and Objective-C. Create the website initially with code. Along with the simple documentation, the output will be installed together to the Dash document viewer directly. No wonder developers like this tool so much. Documentation works precisely and very resourcefully. 


Among the facilities offered by Dash is offline access to 200 and more API documentation sets. Dash is a compelling API documentation browser and Code Snippet Manager. Further, developers may create documents with Dash. Besides, developers have a choice of documentation sets to download when they use Dash. An essential iOS tool, Dash makes it possible to use third-party plugins and sources too.

You may define as online documentation, and it includes subscripts and instant variables. Swift header file auto-generates it. With, developers can look through the types and operators, globals and protocols. When you use, there is no need to command-click around header files in Xcode. 

iOS App Development

Debugging tools

Busy with app development, finding errors and bugs may not be sufficient. Getting to the source of errors and bugs will be required too. The function of debugging tools is essential. 

The following lists are some leading debugging tools on the way to iOS app development. 


Certainly among the finest debugging tools for the iOS development tool kit, Hyperion helps trace errors and bugs. Innumerable developers find this design debugging solution of great use.   Combine Hyperion with any iOS app, and it informs when errors are found. It simply waits and notifies in time. 

Hyperion brings you three different plugins. They are View Inspector, Slow Animation plugin and Measurements plugin. Through View Inspector, you know the merits of the view. Measurements plugin helps to calculate the distance between two views. Through Slow Animation plugin, you can reduce the in-app animation speed. 

iOS console

This tool integrates with the macOS. It is possible from the Mac to directly view console logs. Developers can easily check out log messages. iOS console supports the textual filtering. Further, you can see all the data that the connected iOS devices have logged. If a marker is used in the console log, it becomes easier to find. 


In the process of scrutinizing user experience, Raygun is an excellent tool among the iOS tool list. Whether an app is successful or not is usually judged by the user experience. You need to analyze user experience with precision. With the help of Raygun, you get to the understanding of errors and evaluate the app and its successful working. Crashes or user difficulties are easily known from this tool. 

Error diagnosis online is achieved with smart grouping. Raygun will trace the errors and display them on the dashboard, accompanied by reports. Developers love this tool since it reveals the errors experienced by users of the app. 

Backend services

A set of tools that enable the addition of features to the iOS app. Among additional features are data sharing with the server and push notifications enabling. These are beneficial services. 


All the server and datastore requirements, along with API needs, are met with this solution. Firebase offers comprehensive solutions. The use of this BaaS or ‘backend as a service’ tool does not need backend service code. As a developer, you can store and sync data in real-time. With changes in data, Firebase goes about updating the app on the web and mobile devices. 


Designed to offer backend services to iOS apps, Helios functions as an open-source framework. Helios brings some advanced functions. They are data synchronization and push notification facility. Logging and analytics are others. In-app purchases and passbook integration are also possible. 

iOS App Development

Inspiration and Design tools

The iOS store has its terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled. It can become a difficult task for iOS developers. Designers have to work very hard during the crafting process. These tools help during designing and render the process easier and more fulfilling. 


iOS designers use this great tool. When you type iOS, a range of attractive iOS designs are revealed. It is a pleasant experience to see numerous full-screen designs and iOS icons. Watch out for UI elements and superb patterns for iOS app development.


In the process of designing iOS apps, Haiku is an important tool. Through Haiku, you can design native code that updates automatically on iOS apps. Haiku supports in several situations with React and Vue along with Vanilla codebase. 


Comparing designs that are implemented in real-time becomes possible with Flawless that is found in Xcode. Flawless is a plugin for iOS simulator and helps detect visual differences and find solutions quickly.  

Revision Control

It is often found that several developers work together on an iOS asp. Revision Control helps significantly in such situations. 


Developers find source desirable for several reasons. One reason is the in-built specific coding keyboard. You can type common programming characters directly with no manual effort. Git client and code editor, source supports syntax highlighting for numerous languages. Source supports over 100 languages.

Working Copy 

If iOS developers with immense expertise know about Working Copy, it means that they are up to date. A super Git client that facilitates cloning. You can commit, push and edit on the fly. An additional feature is that Working Copy works on any Git repository. Further, this tool brings you a local copy of the iOS device for content browsing and making changes as required. Get in touch with us!

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