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Common Mistakes of Web development Companies in India using Drupal

January 31, 2016

Common Mistakes of Web development Companies in India using Drupal

As we all are aware that Drupal is one of the most well known frameworks used for developing web applications. It has gained such fame because of the top class functionalities offered to web developers.

Website developed using Drupal perform much better as compared to those developed on other platforms. The adaptability of a site planned utilizing Drupal CMS is ideal. Hence, while developing websites using Drupal one needs to take utmost care and follow certain rules.


Many times several errors are committed by newbies in the field while making website pages with Drupal. Here in this article,

we have highlighted some of the common mistakes made by Drupal web developers:

  • Avoiding the use of standard content types:

    A perfect content standard structure is to be followed by the developers as this is the base for every site. Content structural planning of a site is crucial along with adhering to the development terms.

    While working with Drupal, developers must use standard content types in order to avoid common mistakes.

  • Adding themes to irrelevant directories:

    Theme installation is the base of any website development. Hence, in case developers fail to install themes in relevant categories then there are chances of mistakes to happen which may disturb the entire development process.

  • Unnecessary Coding

    Generally new developers tend to include unnecessary codes in the coding. This issue is seen with every CMS. Drupal offers more than 30000 functionalities and so developers can get a lot of choices or modules to add different functionalities to a site.

    Hence, in order to stay away from the issues of unnecessary coding; developers can join Drupal’s Official community where they can get advice from Drupal experts.

  • Not maintaining the website back up:

    Let’s say a developer has started developing website using Drupal. So, he must keep the website back up. It is mandatory as this helps to make changes in the website easily. In the case the newly framed website data is lost then developers can quickly resume the work if they have the site back up.

  • Need to increase the searching Speed:

    Generally, search functionality offered by Drupal is very slow. Hence, Drupal developers must add great alternatives to boost the search speed. Here, Solr Search can be useful as it helps programmers to increase the speed functionality of search in the Drupal websites.

  • Unable to Manage Spam:

    One of the main drawbacks of Drupal is it easily gets attacked by Spammers. Hence, we can say that Drupal lacks functionalities that can save websites from spammers. Now, to protect the website from Spammers; Drupal offers good alternatives and developers must use them to save the website from such attacks.

  • Unable to Apply Proper SEO Techniques:

    The main aim of the website is to promote business. Hence, for developers it is necessary to make efforts in such a way that it is seen among top results or else it is useless. Drupal offers several options so that websites can have better SEO functionalities.

    Developers must use these functionalities to make the website SEO friendly or else all their efforts will be in vain.

  • Failing to enable required permissions:

    It is essential that the front and back end of website must function properly. To do this, developers must activate the required permissions so that the security aspects of the website can be increased.

    For smooth functioning of Drupal websites, developers must ensure that all important permissions are enabled properly.

Take Away:

Drupal comes with several features and modules which can be useful to developers in creating websites. However, developers must take proper care to utilize all of these in proper manner.

We have covered only some main points which can help developers to create perfect sites on Drupal.Stay connected with Softqube Technologies, a well known Web Development Company India for more such guidance related to this CMS.

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