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Configuring a Mobile Website

October 15, 2014

Over the years, the usage of mobiles has skyrocketed and more and more people are using the mobile to go online. Yet as surprising as it may seem, many corporate brands including several fortune 100 brands have not yet embraced the mobile as a platform to reach out to audiences yet.

With the recent declaration by Google that slow websites will be negatively impacted on the mobile rankings, now more than ever is the time to jump on making websites mobile friendly and the first step to creating a mobile friendly website is to decide the type of configuration to use for your mobile website.

Types of Configuration in Mobile Websites:

  • Responsive Configuration: When devices implement the same HTML and use the CSS to change the way a page is rendered on the device.
  • Dynamic Configuration: When devices implement the same URLs but each URL dynamically serve the HTML and CSS file depending on the user agent received.
  • Redirection to mobile URL: websites which implement separate desktop and mobile URLs.

Configuration in Mobile Websites

To decide the ideal configuration for your website, you need to first decide whether you are about to display the same content to the visitor or whether the displayed content to the visitor will differ by the type of device used. Here is a rundown of the three different configurations and ideal situations where to use those configurations:

Responsive Configuration:

If the visitors to your website are trying to accomplish the same thing regardless of the type of device they use, then you should use this configuration. For example, if your website is displaying news related to sports, then regardless of the device used, the visitors are coming to read news related to sports. The styling of the content may be different depending on the device used but the content is the same one delivered across devices.

Dynamic Configuration:

If the visitors to your website are trying to accomplish different things based on the type of device they use, then the content served to them may be of a dynamic nature. For example, suppose users use your website to find houses for sale. On a desktop version, implementing Google maps to the website content would be logical. But in a mobile environment, implementing Google maps can add extra overhead and also result in a bad user experience. So for a mobile device, you would be serving the same content without the Google maps implementation.

Redirection to mobile URL:

If your users com to different devices to accomplish completely different tasks, then you may consider using separate URLs for your mobile and desktop websites and redirect users to your mobile website based on the user agent received. For example, supposing your website sells items to the user and on the desktop version the visitor wants see the things that are in stock but in the mobile version the visitor wants to locate your store based on their present location.

Obstacles in Configuration:

Page redirects may experience problems when not configured properly including page speed issues, faulty redirects, disruptive experience with splash pages and pop ups etc. Also note that you must use the vary HTTP header for dynamic websites to indicate dynamic content based on devices.

Wind up:

Finally, understand your audience and deliver them the great user experience and pursue the mobile platform and you will see a steady growth in sales and audience. Remember that this is a mobile centric world now. So, you have to get your mobile website configured from our reliable web and mobile development company – Softqube Technologies.

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