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How Blog Page Design Can Affect Readability?
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How Blog Page Design Can Affect Readability?

Web Page Design, Blog Page design etc play an important role in increasing the readability thus boosting user experience. Yes, content matters a lot however proper display is also needed as this will increase the effectiveness of the words.

So, when it comes to Page Design, there are several aspects to be borne in mind and these are already covered here:

  • Font Face is a huge challenge: When you write any website content, the first and foremost thing to consider is Font face. There are various articles available on the internet that will help you to choose proper type face.

    If you wish to correct your brand image then selecting a relevant type face is of prime importance. However, when it comes to readability, it is mandatory to choose the font face that makes it easy for people to read your content.

    Comic Sans is one of the most preferable one. Another most preferable thing is Font Size. At times, writers have restrictions to write in a predefined size only. Such restrictions must really be removed as it can lead to loss to any business.

  • Side bars: Most of the websites use Side bars however if you use them then chances are there that it will create lots of distractions. On the other hand, these are equally important to align call to actions thus leading to increase in engagement and conversions.

    Any design without sidebar can lead to increase in conversions by 26%. One such example is as follows:

    Blog Page Design
  • Wide Columns: Sentences can only be understood if they are read properly. These can only be read properly if they have wide columns. The content must not be wider than the desktop.

    Recommended length is 600 pixels wide. So, next time when you actually start developing a blog; make sure to have this measurement in mind. Various Platforms like WordPress have good measurements available that make blogs easily readable.

  • Font colour, background colour and Contrast: Display is important. Hence, it is necessary to make it visible. We have often seen Grey font colours which is a common mistake made by web designers as it really becomes difficult to have a contrasting background colour that matches Grey font colour.

    So, always keep in mind the colour contrast as it is the one that makes your blog really readable. You will get various sources on the internet that will show you the type of colour combinations you actually wish to have.

    Always select the one that matches your business type as well as is legible and easy to read.

Take Away:

So, next time to get any project for Web Design or blog Page Design then keep these things in mind. It will definitely help you to have a completely professional yet user friendly website as well as blog that will attract many of the visitors.

Hope this blog post was useful to you. For more such details or information about website development; stay connected with Softqube Technologies; a well known web design firm in India.

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