Principles of PHP from the Masters

September 15, 2014

PHP is the widely popular programming language which is very easy to use and this is language for which you can easily get some scripts about anything that you wish to do using PHP. Actually, in real terms there are no perfect guidelines for PHP. So, we need a help of the expert PHP developers as they can guide us regarding best PHP practices.

Listed Below are Some of the Best PHP Practices for High Grade PHP Programming:

  • Avoid Unnecessary Usage of PHP: As per a famous PHP master, Rasmus Lerdorf; a creator of PHP says that PHP must be used only when needed as it was invented only with an intent to solve web development programmes. We know this programming language is spread as wildfire among the developer community but still this unnecessary usage of PHP must be avoided.

    As per Lerdorf, PHP is not developed for everything and so you must use right tool for your business. PHP is not a general purpose programming language, it is only meant to be used to solve any issues related to web development. In case , PHP is not providing you the desired results then feel free to use other languages as well.

  • Make Maximum Use of Tables with PHP & MYSQL: As per the opinion of one of the PHP master, Matt Mullenweg; using tables with PHP is one of the convenient ways of properly scale your website. Talking about Matt Mullenweg, he is the creator of the well known blogging platform widely used by people today: WordPress.

    After creating WordPress, he created which is a free blogging website developed on WordPress MU code especially used for blogging softwares. So, it is obvious that ideas shared by such an expert are worthy enough to be implemented.

    Scaling a website in a proper manner is the main thing that Matt Mullenweg knows perfectly. According to him, for each blog in a website there should be separate MYSQL table as compared to a single table used for all the blogs.

    Creating different tables makes the code work faster and smoother. With examples of sites like Facebook and WordPress, Matt shows how smart database usage can run off with PHP and manage heavy traffic loads.

  • Don’t Trust Your Users – Dave Child: This looks somewhat difficult to digest but it is an advice from one more PHP expert named Dave Child. He’s the master brain behind the currently launched website called Added Bytes that includes Dave’s cheat sheet for many programming languages including PHP.

    As per Dave, never keep in mind your users when you write the secure PHP code. Trusting your users can really hurt you. Keep this as the cardinal Rule of the web development: Never Ever Trust your users. Be completely paranoid and think that every user is going to target you to get you permanently out of the industry. This thinking will help you to keep your website secure and be prepared for the worst. It’s just simple: Hope for the best and Prepare for the worst.


So, now you are aware about some of the PHP best practices and we hope that you will definitely apply them to get better results. Well, this is not the end there are too many practices which we will discuss on timely basis. For any web development guidance related to PHP, do contact expert PHP developers at Softqube Technologies.

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