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Best Online Doctor Appointment Booking App

May 9, 2022

Best Online Doctor Appointment Booking App

How often have you experienced the rush of patients getting lined up in your virtual waiting room? If this relates to you, you must know it is a strong sign of failing to manage your appointment booking process that well.

To get away with this scenario, you must implement medical appointment software. It doesn’t matter if you choose an app or a web-based platform. Consider this as a boon for your staff and patients.

So let us get started with the design and development of an online doctor appointment booking system and the reasons why patients expect you should have one. The article will help you understand how to meet their sheer expectations with the smartest strategy that saves on your time and energy as well.

What Does A Doctor Appointment Booking App Do For Its Users?


There are twofold benefits here. One, it provides a seamless process for patients to schedule and arrange the visits with the healthcare providers that they choose. Two, the app preserves all the appointments and data entries on the same platform. A great blessing for your hospital staff.

Read on to know how the app works in reality.

  • From the patient’s viewpoint, they need not call your office for scheduling appointments. Within a few clicks and taps, the patient can schedule a visit with the doctor at a suitable time. A great way to save time on both the sides – patient’s and doctor’s
  • From the clinic’s viewpoint, this app will serve as a backbone of a clinic booking system software. The appointment booking processes are now getting automated and your staff has no hassles to handle this entire act manually. ( e.g. – entering patient’s personal details, setting up doctor’s time slots, managing paperwork, and much more). The app in particular helps to track revisits and enhances client-patient communication

How Does An HealthCare Business Save Money With This App?

The appointment management system of your hospital relies on the app or a web platform. With this in place, you can minimize unused time slots. Also, the app will help you set reminders and notifications to keep any shows idle. In case the patients miss their visits, you can always reschedule appointments back-to-back and skip on losing money because of an unused time slot. With the help of the medical appointment booking system, there will be no overlap of appointments. Post-pandemic this app can assure to keep minimized patient count in your waiting room to make sure you meet the social-distancing guidelines.

Softqube’s endeavor – Click2Cure Online Doctor Appointment booking app


Click2Cure is an outstanding online doctor appointment booking app exclusively designed by Softqube Technologies developers. The client needed an application that can serve as a single platform for patients, doctors, and laboratories. The application needed to be developed online and was expected to perform in providing in-clinic consultancy for patients, full-body checkups, and get the lab tests from the comfort of your home.

The app runs successfully with around 50+ top super-specialists and specialist doctors in medicine, ENT, surgery, gastro, cardiology, neurology, gynecology, orthopedic, dietitians, and several other branches. The platform has collaborated with top clinics, hospitals, labs, radiology centers, homeopathy, and Ayurveda centers.

Here is how Softqube provided the most dynamic doctor appointment booking app that was loaded with remarkable features

Doctor & Patient Profiles

The app connects the patients with potential doctors. We made sure that the physicians’ profiles are mentioned with clarity and in detail inclusive of their core competencies, experience, and important information that enables patients to make the decision. Similarly, the doctors have the access to the patient’s information such as name, age, medical records, insurance information, etc before attending the appointment.

Choosing from the panel of doctors

The app contains the list of doctors, specialists, and experts for each category or branch. The patients get enough choices to decide on the most suitable doctor for consultation and treatment. Each panel is carefully designed mentioning the complete information about the doctor’s profile.

Form of Booking (rescheduling or canceling as well)

Just like physical medical visits, the app makes it so easy to go to an online doctor appointment website and book the appointment. Soon when the patient chooses a physician, they can easily navigate the available appointment dates and time slots. We made sure that the booking process gets completed in the fewest possible steps.

Medical Records

The app provides complete transparency to the patients in terms of giving access to keep the tab on how the treatment is progressing and what are the test results. The app includes an upload option that enables patients to share their diagnostic scan reports with their physicians.

Payment Method

The patients can pre-pay for their consultation and treatments according to their convenience. The benefit of providing this feature is that the appointments hardly turn into missed ones. In addition, the app provides sufficient options for making payments online post or pre- consultation.

Online Consultation

This feature is available for those patients who choose online consultation for their treatment process. Keeping in mind the situation of various patients who may not be able to move out from their remote locations, the app has created a seamless platform for all kinds of patients to choose between online or offline consultation whichever is feasible for them.

Membership & Coupon Benefits

The users can subscribe to the membership and become a part of the doctors’ and patients’ community and remain updated with the latest information and benefits given by the app. Also, by being a member they get access to the coupon benefits from the mobile application.

Report Management

Benefitted mainly to the admin team, the app generates analytical and insightful reports about the appointment, laboratory tests, and radiology tests, for the patients. The reports can be accessed and extracted with various options such as filter, print, and exporting from one location to other.

Technology Stack We Used For App Development

We at Softqube Technologies went through a rigorous analysis and wide research for finding the best platform and technology to launch the Click2cure online booking appointment app.

Our developers found Laravel PHP Development Framework and MySQL Database Software. With Laravel, we created the most expressive, elegant, and feature-rich website to give an enriching experience to the users. MySQL provided a great platform for meeting the database challenges of the next-generation web, cloud, and communication services with uncompromising scalability and resilience.

How Did We Create The Doctor Appointment App For Our Client?


To roll out an app and to make it scalable, successful, and ready for millions to use, are two different things. So make sure each of the steps of the making gets intertwined to reach the end result.

We followed the below steps to create the Cure2Click app.


The research phase was quite long and more insightful. Our team went through the following phases before jumping over the planning phase.

  • Gave a closer look at our competitor’s app
  • Analysis of their advantages and disadvantages
  • Spotted all the missing opportunities
  • Gathered all the information to find out how to meet our patient’s needs


We decided on the features that we can implant into this app and the reliable technology that should be used to build the website and the mobile application. Each aspect was planned methodically to the last detail while setting the milestones.

We also checked out our local regulations. The doctor appointment solutions used patients’ personal details and so we had to adequately protect them. We chipped in the encryption technologies and other technical safeguards for the software.

Design and Prototyping

This phase is more tangible and needs rigorous action. During designing and prototyping, we went through the following steps.

  • Decision on the colors, visuals, and patterns in the app
  • Building user interface
  • Creating an easy-to-navigate booking system
  • Designing menu and clickable features
  • Fine-tuning it for iOS and Android

At this stage, we didn’t think of making it picture-perfect. We wanted the feedback from the first set of users


A doctor appointment app is not done completely without putting it into the test run phase first. Here we went on to get the feedback from the users because we wanted to check how intuitive our MVP is from both sides and what tweaks we need to make. We asked the real patients and healthcare providers how can we improve the app down the road.


Once incorporating the final feedback-based improvements, the app got ready for its debut. After uploading on the iOS and Android platforms, we wanted to maintain it at the best level. Because the user’s experience should not be marred by the technical glitches. With the regular updates, we made it a killer app and whacked it out of the park into the healthcare industry.

Go the Softqube’s way of designing awesome apps

Some people believe making a doctor appointment booking app takes a long long time. With Softqube, however, it is going to be easier than what you think.

The moment you join us, you are going to save yourself from the hassles of doing everything on your own. We are here to take care of all the software development steps so that you can reach out to the widest horizons to give an outstanding complete solution.

Over several years, Softqube has helped many healthcare startups to build their custom software enabling them to align their processes in the business. Whatever features you wish to incorporate into your app, Softqube can help you out to make that happen. Check out what we do on our website.

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