Online Android App Development Courses for IT Professionals

April 21, 2016

Online Android App Development Courses for IT Professionals

Many youngsters today are willing to be expert app developers because they feel that developing apps will yield more money. Well, no successful person has ever achieved success without hard-work.

Hard-work, willpower and dedication are pillars to success. Hence, if anyone is firmly determined to become an android app developer then this blog post is for all such enthusiastic people.

Today, we can see that the use of mobile apps has increased to an extent. Be it Android or iOS, apps are used by all. Less or more; apps make sufficient revenue and the trend of apps is increasing day by day.

Keeping in mind this thing and looking at the changing scenario, some youngsters have flair to learn Android app development as well as iOS app development. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the online android app development courses that can help such people to master this art.

Next time, we will definitely come with the same post for iOS app development. However, as of now; we will consider Android:

Useful & Valuable Android App Development Courses:

  • Android App Development Specialization: Android App Development Specialization

    This course is a complete package that will show pros and cons of developing your own Android app. It is designed by one of the well known universities which include four courses along with certification and also a project which shows how Java is used for Android, various app components as well as consistency in data.

    Building and deploying Android app as well as maintaining the app after it is being created and then releasing the same.

    The first course is of five to six hours every week; total four weeks. It is available for $355. (Financial aid available)

  • Beginning with Android App Development: This is a course for beginners in the field of Android app development. Nearly 25,000 students have enrolled in the same. It s designed especially for those entrepreneurs who are interested in mobile app start ups.

    It includes 39 lectures that sum up to three and half hours and within this much time period; students will have a good grip on basics of Android app like as developing an Android emulator, creating your own “Hello World” application and knowing in depth the structure and software of Android Projects.

    Prerequisite: Before enrolling, make sure you know basic things about Java. It is available for free.

  • Develop your first Android app: If you are willing to make something different instead of social media or gaming app then this course is for you. It is a project centred course that is taught by computer science professors.

    They will help you to develop, design and then distribute or we can say market it accordingly. You will be able to go through customizable building blocks which will help you to craft different types of Android applications.

    Potential students must have basic understanding of Java however they don’t need any Android device as they will use software which can emulate phone on computer.

  • Developing Professional Android App:This is for those who have good knowledge of Java and Android. It directly connects to Android app development. The course includes Professional Android Set up, Classic design and logic flow along with code review, clean up and debugging.

    This is available for $20 (One-time fee for lifetime access)

Take Away:

There are other courses as well. However, the ones available here are the hand-picked ones. So, if you are willing to learn Android development then select any one of them and Get Set Go…

Hope you liked this post. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned to Softqube Technologies; well known Indian Android apps development Company.

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