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Best Productivity Apps for iOs

October 19, 2015

Best Productivity Apps for iOs

Today, in the mobile world; Apple’s iconic smartphone has a huge market share. Even most of the readers reading this post may be the iPhone owners. Most of our readers have certain purpose behind purchasing the one.

Here, we will discuss about some very useful productivity apps that can be used by any iPhone user. Such similar apps are also available for Android. These apps are ranked with the help of PC Mag as well as Lifehacker as the sources but these apps can be lot similar to that of Android as these are compatible with cross platforms.

Devices which run on iOS cannot stand lower in terms of how much they boost productivity. If you want all you need then you have to pay more money. These productivity apps can provide smooth working solutions which even Android fails to offer.

Productivity has no boundaries and using these apps; one can increase the work flow volume and get more work done. This helps to get the free time for more work or more rest depending from person to person.

Today, iPads are more in demand as they possess the screens which can easily handle an entire day’s office work including documents, spreadsheets as well as presentations on the go. Yes, one can manage tasks for the entire day and then the work can be distributed in a particular group.

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The device can easily take care of the same. Most of the solutions available here are either available on an interface or may be available across all platforms and is capable of communicating easily. So, now your wait is over and here is the list of all these productivity apps. Let’s move ahead:

Best Productivity Apps:

  • OmniFocus: This is an application that can be organized easily and is worth its price. It offers the set of features that no other app provides in such price. This is among the most useful apps among all.
  • Evernote: This is another most popular application that is used to take notes. It can easily run on the computer; be it any OS and also works well on mobile devices. This offers a very useful set of tools in the free version and more in the paid ones.
  • Push bullet: This application gets the award of 3rd best price in the entire list of 9 productivity apps for iOs thus allowing you to share anything from files and notifications between devices irrespective of the device type whether it is iPhone, Android tablet or Mac/PC. It also provides feeds from various sources and topics that one might be interested in.
  • LogMeIn: This allows users to use the phone for controlling Mac or Windows computer. It is just like you will feel that you are sitting in front of your computer no matter where you are and what are using i.e. WIFI or 4G.

    This allows you to share files and provide cloud integration.

  • Things: An application that keeps you reminding about things you need to do or you want to do in your life. It is just like to do list app that completely widens the concept. It is a very powerful app.
  • Microsoft Office Suite: There’s no substitute to this application. Mostly those who are not satisfied with Google’s online solutions; for them this is a boon. With this app; one can have Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook on phone and tablet.
  • 30/30: This is relatively new with a completely new concept. This helps you to remove your procrastination habit and carry out more work by including timer to its interface. The timer is applicable in most of the solutions.
  • Asana: An iOs application that is compatible with other platforms as well and is used to offer different functions thus presenting a key feature which allows to boost productivity.
  • Flow: This is a collaborative task manager. This means if used by entire team; it can easily manage the project however every team member must be able to use it. It is available with a sleek interface as well as sophisticated functionality which is hidden behind its huge ease of use factor.

If you are using iOs system then these apps will be easily useful to you. Use any one of them and let us know how you feel and how much exactly it is useful. Are you aware about any of such more apps for iOS which can boost the productivity then do share those with us.

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