Which platforms are best for Android App Development?
What Is The Best Android Development Platform?
Android Mobile Application Development

What Is The Best Android Development Platform?

Every Android app development company has come out with a wide range of mobile applications that have become very popular among the users. There are more than 2 million applications available in the Google Play Store. Companies from various industries like banks, restaurants, schools, small and medium sized businesses, large corporates and many others have their own apps today. Recent studies have stated that Android user base is now famous and it leads the smartphone market with around 81% of the market share. The world of communication has experienced a phenomenal revolution only due to mobile application development platforms.

Top Mobile Application Development Platforms

Before there was no one to compete in the mobile app environment except for Apple’s IOS. But today the current market is shared by Google’s Android along with Symbian, blackberry and Windows Phone too. There is also some good news flowing that Facebook has planned to open a mobile application store too. Thus, the market is now flooded with a number of mobile applications built by these huge competitors trying to survive the market. Check out some leading andorid app development platforms that are ruling the market today with 99% of the global smartphone market share:

    1. Android SDK: The Android Software Development kit (SDK) provides you with API libraries and developer tools that are used to build test and debug apps written for Android. It is one of the most popular platforms used for Android. New Android developers can download the ADT Bundle so that they can develop the apps quickly. This kit includes essential Android SDK components along with a version of the Eclipse Ide and a built-in ADT (Android Developer tools) so that platform for developing your android apps is smooth.
    2. Native Development Kit (NDK): This kit is a toolset that allows the android developers to implement parts of the coding project using programming languages such as C and C++. The developers find it easy to reuse the existing code from the libraries available in the kit. The only drawback of this kit is that the native code may not always increase the performance but increase the complexity at times. Prefer this only if you wish to code using C or C++.

Android App Development Platform

  1. Titanium Mobile SDK: The Titanium SDK provides most of the community developers with an ability to create quality native, mobile or web applications, rich and complex apps on all platforms using a single base of code and JavaScript. It is a huge collection of around 5000 APIs where it becomes easy for you to deliver a user experience code on any traditional platform. This kit also has some advantages like limitations on flexibility, user experience issues and complexity issues. Even with such limitations, it still stands in the first place for Android and other platform app development.
  2. Hyper next Android Creator: It has always been easy to use software that allows anyone to start building their own Android apps which can enjoy good support on a wide range of devices. The programming language used in HAC is “Hyper Next” that is much more similar to English and also makes it user-friendly to learn and implement.

The future of Android is optimistic still because of its immense popularity and user-friendly features. Thus any Android App development company can avail the benefits of this platform so that millions of users can be reached across the globe and also serve as a competitive tool for the businesses.


Nitin Suvagiya

Nitin Suvagiya

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