RFID Application Development: Advantages

April 2, 2014

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) also known as RFID tags are reflexive, inductively powered chips that are employed in the some applications from substituting bar codes on supermarket products to recognizing lost dogs and cats. It uses microprocessors to generate electronic ID tags and radio waves for the identification of a person or an object. Now, with this technology many companies are creating applications for retail and wholesale merchants, universities, public and private schools, resorts, casinos, doctor’s offices and museums, race car drivers, and libraries. They can use RFID application development and its technology for tracking company’s assets, people and documents.

This technology consists of wireless data capture and transaction processing. Mostly, it is used in two major application areas – Proximity (short range) and Vicinity (long range). RFID application can be used for Raw Materials/Mining/Forestry, Point of Sale or Delivery and Tracking Cargo through Customs. As well, business can use it to pay tolls, monitor employee movement and keep track of inventory. No matter what type of business you are doing because there is likely some way to take the advantage of this technology.

RFID is a most important part of enterprise supply chain management that improves the competence of supply tracking and management. One of the pleasurable points about this technology is that it can be used to remove surgical errors. It is really best for retail companies because it helps to save human labor expense, improve productivity, and provides companies real-time visibility with all their products.

However, developing RFID Application is not an easy task for all businesses and organizations that’s why they should hire experienced and talented developers who have comprehensive knowledge regarding RFID Technology to create most beneficial and useful application. There are numerous companies available in the market that provides RFID Application development services, so considering one of them achieves your goal in the required time period.

Main Components of RFID System:

  • Tags and Readers
  • Antenna
  • Application software
  • Tag programming stations
  • Circulation readers
  • Sorting equipment
  • Tag inventory wand

Advantages of RFID Application for businesses:

  • Cost reduction
  • Increase revenue
  • Counterfeit product shielding
  • Shrinkage, theft and diversion prevention
  • Increase delivery center productivity
  • Create flexible, adaptive supply chain
  • Improve assets utilization

Softqube Technologies provides innovating high value RFID App solution for helping company’s track assets, people and documents. We provide robust and complete RFID solutions on top of our extensible middleware/framework for government library, people tracking,  manufacturing & aerospace units, cargo identification, product tracking, access control, promotion control, asset management, etc.

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