A/B Testing: An internet Marketing Standard: Part 2

December 3, 2014

In our previous blog, we discussed some of the factors of A/B testing. Here, we are going to discuss some more of these factors to understand A/ B Testing in a better way.

Alternative to A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Apart from A/B testing, there are other alternatives as well. One of these alternatives is multivariate testing where in we can test combination of variables while in A/B testing only single variable could be tested.

For e.g.: For testing a product image, small images can be tested along with bigger ones. Different font and text styles can also be tested. Like this, many different versions can be used in multi-variant testing.

The main issue with multi variant testing is these easily get complicated and need proper traffic to generate significant results. The main advantage of multi variant testing is that it can give you the details about the most influential page of your website may be a graphic, a headline, a video etc.

If any page is tested using A/B test, it is likely that you may be unaware about the test while in case of multivariate testing you can easily know about those page sections that influence the conversion rate and those that don’t make any difference to the conversion rates.

Techniques that we can select

The technique that we select must be as good as test design. In case the tests have an improper design then these tools, data etc won’t be much in use. In order to have a good test design, it is necessary to know the purpose of the test and then know how customers will be able to collect the information about the product.

Also, it is required to know the testing limits as testing cannot be done about things like the comparison of design. Some of the designs are useful only for audience and so it is difficult to understand whether our business is really able to win the customers hearts or only it aims at increasing our business.

These testing techniques are used to understand the customers and also gain the direct experience from the customers. We can ask questions and understand their answers in order to know the mindsets of the customers. This type of information is useful to develop effective tests that will help you to know customers in a better way.

So, before using A/B testing think twice whether you really need it or whether it will help you to understand your audience properly. A/B testing can do wonders if used properly but it should not be considered as an alternative to understand people.

Wind Up

These are some of the factors of the A/B test which will help you to decide whether it is useful for your business or not. In case, you are unable to decide about its usage then Softqube Technologies, a reputed online marketing solutions provider in India is here to help you out. Till then, for more updates about the testing process keep reading our blogs and for any assistance about the testing needs, you can easily get in touch with our experts.

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