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Becoming a Top WordPress Developer is Quite Easy

February 23, 2015

To become a WordPress Developer you have to invest lot of time, determination and energy as there is no shortcut for this. You also cannot install WordPress by merely reading a few tutorials or customizing few themes. No doubt if you can do this it means that you know some do and don’t and can call as an expert, but to become a top developer, you have to think and act beyond boundaries. You have to be innovative, keen to contribute to the community and show mastery in your actions.

The Reasons for Becoming a Top WP Developer

  • Earn well: There is always great demand for WordPress Developers and clients are ready to pay anything to top developers.
  • Attain the best clientage: You will get the liberty to choose your clients and projects.
  • Influence on others: You can shape the future of this sector by influencing people around you.

Some Mandatory Things to be Done in order to be a Top WP Developer

  • One hour reading is compulsory: if you are already on the top and need to sustain your position, or want to achieve that place you have to spend at least one hour on reading or learning about WordPress every day.
  • Enrollment in WordPress university: You can find several excellent resources where you can put your effort and time in the right direction.
  • Get a good company of top WordPress developers: The one with whom we spend time are the ones whose habits we adopt. You should start spending your time with the most experienced and trained developers, start reading their blogs, follow their Twitter account, give your thoughts on their ideas, ask for their advice, follow it and report back.
  • Understand the technology: You have to update your skill and knowledge regarding technology. Learn PHP and MySQL, Explore the Codebase, run the nightly, read “Make WordPress”.
  • Daily Assignments are mandatory: It is mandatory to practice whatever you have learned. When you read a tutorial, try to follow it on your own. It is good to spend your time in applying the learning material into your experiments and projects.

Gaining Experience with WordPress

When you believe that you have learned enough, then be prepared to gain some real-world experience. Always remember that the path towards the top is filled with difficulties, and when you gain experience outside your comfort zone you take a decisive step in the right direction.

  • Opt for real projects: Working for real clients, no matter free or paid, is the best way to attain experience. Working with clients gives you the opportunity to face challenges that you cannot deal while working on your own.
  • Develop a public theme: Try to create a public theme that can be used by all and get the feedback which will help you to improve further.
  • Develop a plug-in: Everything you have learnt about Plug ins must be now put into practice by developing the real plug in. This plug in developed by you must be able to solve the real issues . So, develop one and release it for either free or paid to get the user experience.
  • Writing a bug free Code: Bug free codes create less issues. So, in order to be the top WordPress developer it’s important to gain expertise in writing error free code.
  • Be a Part of WordPress Community: When you complete your education then the next step is to become an active member of the WordPress community. Spend some time in investing in this community, and soon you will see the desirable results.


A mindset of continuous improvements and a strong will to do hard work are the key elements of becoming a top WordPress Developer. Commence from an intentional concentration on education, it ends with extensive real-world experience.

So, best of luck to those who wish to achieve a high level position in this field and help WordPress in its further advancements. To get benefited from such useful information, stay updated with Softqube Technologies, well known custom WordPress development company, India.

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