Popular Backup Solution for Your Joomla Site
How to Back up Your Joomla Website?

How to Back up Your Joomla Website?

In this tech world, you can see that anytime any software can crash, due to server issues your website may stop working or may face other issues. Hence, today it is advisable to have a back up of each and everything including your Joomla website because never know when it will stop working.

Joomla Website Backup

Now, suppose your website is on Joomla platform then the question is how can you have the back up for the same? Having a website back up is your sole responsibility as not having one can put you into unrecoverable problems, chances are there that your website may get hacked.

May be you forget to apply a security update, may be your website host server is not as much secure as you need. You may be using an extension with a huge security hole. This can happen anytime when you are actually busy spending your weekend time with your loved ones and when you are back, you find yourself in deep trouble!

Not using a Test Site:

Have you made some changes to your site? Have you tested it anytime? Have you installed the extensions on an active site or any widget which has led your website to crash?

You realized and quickly you installed that extension however the result is your website doesn’t work anymore. There are various clones of Joomla site to test from. In case all goes well, then the changes are applied to a live site.

However, not all of us bother to do so and just without testing anything; we directly experiment it on live website. Yes, I can understand that with lots of duties and responsibilities; there remains very less time for testing.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, every problem has a solution. “Where there is a will; there is a way”. So, don’t worry; you can use Akeeba Backup- an extension that is designed for backing up your Joomla site.

Yes, apart from this; there are several others that are available in the market but this is the most recommended one. It is useful to have a quick back up for your Joomla site and this can be done anytime you want; may be monthly, weekly, daily etc.

The old ones can be deleted. You can easily shift your website, clone it, store it, repair or re-install it. Anything you want to do with your website; Akeeba is there for you.

An important note: It is available for free. So, just your small effort of installing this extension can help you to stay away from huge problems and hence your weekends will never be messed up.

Prefer to have Server level backups:

Your Joomla website is after all a site; not any tool or any generator hence it will do what it is meant for. So, it is advisable to do backups at server level. It is not possible for everyone to do this.

Those websites that are hosted on GoDaddy or Dreamhost or any of bigbox companies then server level backups are not for you. If you have your own server, multiple websites and clients then server level back ups are for you.

This will save you from logging in and logging out every time from Joomla Admin Panel. cPanel has complete backup system which is preinstalled. Setup your backup accounts for a particular time period say daily, monthly or weekly.

The backup can then be stored on server as well as off the server in any remote location. Other server control panels have the same functionality and hence you must set aside the time to set up properly.

Take Away:

Well, we have suggested the most popular backup solution for your Joomla site. Let us know what is your suggestion about the same? If you have any better solution then we will be glad to know the same.

In case, in any way this blog post has helped you then don’t forget to share it. For more such useful tips related to Joomla; stay tuned to Softqube Technologies; well known Joomla web development Company.

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