Avoid Android App Rejection by Google Play Store

March 7, 2015

Every app developer wants to have its app developed and accepted by Google Play store. However, sometimes these apps get rejected by Google due to some specific reasons. Now, how these apps are rejected and what must be done to avoid such rejection is the matter of concern?

Here, we have discussed in detail regarding avoiding the rejections from Google Play Store for your app.

Some Reasons for Android App Rejection

Ready to upload an android app for sale on Google Play store, Wait, before doing so have a look at these tips so as to avoid any rejections.

  • Making use of irrelevant keywords: Avoid using keywords in the app descriptions which don’t relate to the app, also never make use of misleading keywords that divert customers to something else.
  • Avoid using excessive keywords: Keywords should be used in limit, they should not be stuffed instead provide more information about the applications, describe them in detail and let people know in brief about these details.
  • Always refer to Keyword Spam policy: Google has its own keyword spam policy which helps to understand the types of keywords, minimum times it can be used and lots more. Kindly refer this policy before uploading your app on Google Play store.
  • Have a proper process: If your app is not having a particular map or a process then it’s likely to be rejected hence try to create an app after developing a perfect plan of action. And keep in mind that the application must be easy to use.

    So, avoid developing any app without thinking its consequences as well as user response. Develop an app only if you are particularly aware about error fixing or problem solving methods that can occur at certain point of time once the App is developed and is used by the end user.

  • Never use any company name: Application is to make tasks easier for users and not to market your brand. So, no application should include any kind of brand name In this matter, Android is little bit lenient but Apple have strict rules.

    Hence, be careful while developing mobile apps for Android as well as other platforms.

  • Don’t provide Demo Apps and those with less functionality: Mobile apps with minimum functionality have less preference as compared to those that easily provide the ease to get work done or fulfill the task for what the application was used.
  • Never copy the basic functionality of any App: If the app you developed is similar to the one already available with Google then they are likely to reject it because duplicate applications are not allowed.

    So, only develop an app that contains complete ideas of your own and it should be developed from scratch by your own ideas without any copy paste.

  • Use professional Language: Via apps you generally connect with a pool of audience and to have a smooth interaction, its necessary that app language must be professional as well as interactive enough to catch the attention of the audience and keep them glued.

Wind up

With these tips, any android app developer can easily avoid the app rejection. So, go through these tips thrice before submitting your app to Google Play store. We wish you best of luck for your app to be successful.
Stay tuned with Softqube Technologies, Apps Development Company for more such updates about Android apps.

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