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Creating Attractive Photography for your Online Store

July 25, 2015

Creating Attractive Photography for your Online Store

When it comes to online ecommerce business, there are various elements that matter a lot. Few of the important ones are store design, payment gateway, product arrangement as well as product description and the most important product images.

Yes, product images are important because these are the only ones that can convince buyers to purchase the product from your store because when doing online Ecommerce  shopping one cannot touch or feel the product and so the only thing is product images.

Hence, if you wish to sell the product at once then it is necessary to provide images that showcase the product completely in every aspect. For example; if you are selling Formal tshirts then it is necessary to check how they look from front, backside, while worn and much more.

This will ensure buyers that they are purchasing the right product which can fit them. Hence, in order to engage customers, motivate people to talk about your brand and share your pictures as well as blog posts. Is there any way for beginners to create outstanding images within a specified budget?

So, here are some tips that will help you to have some attractive product images:

  • Location: First of all, it’s necessary to find a location for your photo shoot. Is it a studio or anything else? Yes, renting a studio is very expensive as creativity can get hindered. Everything may not be proper as per your brand style.So, select a location that is very small and has enough of space. Such locations can be definitely useful. Yes, for certain locations you may need to take permission and at times if you clearly explain the purpose; you may easily get the permission.
  • Choosing the team: It’s not a single person’s task to shoot a perfect photograph. So, it is necessary to get the right people. Make sure to find the people who are easily motivated and are eager to work for your brand.Yes, you will work with them in future. So, choose the people for developing a great team as as an important investment which will save your energy in the long run.Never ask the team to work for free. Yes, pay less but pay something. Offer them the products and make sure these are taken proper care of even after the shoot.
  • Idea or Concept: Before actually conducting a photo shoot, be sure that you have a proper idea as to why you wish to have photos. Always go for a white background for a photo shoot.Something classy, beautiful and dynamic will enhance the beauty of the products thus attracting your customers and help you to stand out from the crowd from other brands out there.If you wish to create something artistic or you wish to have a different approach then make sure to have ideas properly fitted in your mind for what you want. Yes, you can have reference images as well as the list of points that can help you to get quality images.
  • Planning: When it comes to planning; spontaneity is necessary. However, it is necessary to have a proper schedule as the last time shoot out can lead to bad photography which may provide your weak look.Hence, it is necessary to develop a systematic plan and make sure to keep your team informed about the same. The results can be very overwhelming with very less stress thus accomplishing your work in proper manner.Also, schedule a list of all shots with proper time allotted to every shot. This will help you to keep in action thus avoiding the wastage of time with a feeling that you haven’t achieved anything in the entire day.

Wind up:

So, next time when you plan to schedule your photo shoots; make sure to keep these things in mind and then you will easily be able to take proper images of your products which will attract your customers to purchase your products.
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