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ASP.NET Core – A New Dimension to Web Application Development

January 3, 2019

ASP.NET Core – A New Dimension to Web Application Development

ASP.NET Core Companies and organizations all around the world are on the lookout for someone or something that will help them make a mark on the world map and help them race ahead in this competitive world either by increasing the revenue or decreasing the cost. To ensure that business progress more efficiently, it is essential to choose the right technology to develop and build a smart application that is easy and fast to deploy and at the same time is reliable and qualitative.

What exactly is the ASP.NET Core platform?

ASP.NET Core platform is an ideal web development technology that can be used to create an innovative and efficient website. A brilliant method of building a modern web or internet applications is ASP.NET Core which is a cross-platform and open source web framework. This type of platform helps developers in building top grade and high-performance applications which has made applications which are not built on this platform look very mediocre. The ASP.NET core is just an enhanced version of the previous .NET platform which has given applications a whole new look. The best way to get this done is to hire our .NET Application developers who promise to get you results which will make your application the most preferred choice.

Advantages of ASP.NET Core

Below are some of the benefits of using Core ASP.NET for your business.
1. Performance: Using this platform, developers will be able to write down efficient and maintainable codes with a very high degree of efficiency as ASP.NET Core is one of the fastest frameworks the web has available in the market.
2. Usage on multiple platforms: The .NET Core framework is designed to work irrespective of the type of operating system you have. This is because .NET Core has an independent packaging and installation which makes it compatible with all operating systems hence proving to be the ideal platform to build any application.
3. Usage of new technology: ASP.NET Core enables application developers to use new and improved technologies and does not restrict their working to make an innovative application in any way.
4. Prevents forgery: These days, hacking has become a day to day affair where the hacker sends fraud emails or links to users and send forged requests to the server. ASP.NET Core has a strong framework which prevents such malicious practices by producing anti-forgery tokens within seconds. All incoming data is first validated and only if it passes through this screening, will the framework allow the operation to continue.

Few applications that can be developed using an ASP.NET Core platform:

A technology that is ideal to cater all your web development needs is ASP.NET. You can get this innovative and brand-new addition to your application, all that you need to do is hire .NET Application developers at Softqube technologies and trust them to do a splendid job for you. Below are some of the applications for which you can use this technology.
• Applications to track and record inventory
• Customer relationship management applications
• Book-keeping and accounts applications
• Applications to manage supplies
• Applications for mobile phones


ASP.NET Core is attracting more and more attention due to globalization, version updates, quicker release cycles and a very strong support from the user community and is proving to be an ideal industry solution. ASP.NET Core is obviously becoming the future of web development because of the advantages listed above. Now that you have all the information about this new platform, all that is left to do is to hire our .NET Application developers at Softqube technologies to ensure you get the best of the services possible.

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