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Apple Versus Google: Ultimate Application Battle
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Apple Versus Google: Ultimate Application Battle

We cannot think of life without a smartphone, and the OS we choose have a lot of impact on our daily lifestyle. Now when it comes to OS, Android and IOS are two of the most potent Operating systems that users come across. Both of this always has a head to head battle, when it comes to application and performance. Whether you would like to view your mail or play the music, you have to decide on picking one application from either of the OS to serve this purpose. In this article, we will emphasize on how iOS users have an experience for the Apple apps and how the Android users have the same experience for the Google apps.

One upon reading this article will specifically get to know about the user experience and the various features for each application on their native platform.

Apple Mail Vs. Gmail for Mail Purpose

If judged thoroughly, then Gmail is an edge beyond its counterpart. Gmail sorting algorithms and modern interface combined with intuitive use of labels makes it a way ahead than its main rival.

Talking from the features perspective, Gmail again hogs the Limelight. It comes with useful features like the option of receiving notifications that are important to you only. The work of the Google algorithm is to be appreciated here.

Scheduling emails, snoozing conversations are some of the features that Gmail offers to its users, which you will not find on the iOS platform. The application is also faster than its counterpart from all aspects.

Verdict: Google wins the battle

Apple Map versus Google Map: Fight of Maps

When it comes to maps, we cannot think anything outside Google maps. But definitely, apple map has improved a lot than it used to be. But again, Google who came up with this feature seven years before Apple wins the race from some aspects.

When it is about looks, both of these applications cannot be separated. Both of this map features a lot of colourful lines like greens, blues, and browns and are fast and responsive enough.

From here, it can be concluded that Google is the pioneer of this service, Apple has come up well to give a jaw-dropping fight to its main rival.

But still, Google maps various features that cannot be ignored. Some of the unique features like recommending you places and slowing traffic on the route deserve appreciation from our end. Apple is behind on this aspect and needs to focus on it so that the users can experience the same features as the Google users.

But one cannot ignore that both of this application gives the head to head fight when talked about its core areas, but in overall performance, Google map still offers something extra for the users.

Verdict: Google wins the battle

Apple Music versus Youtube Music Comparison

When elements like lyrics, online radio, and playlist management are into account, Apple is quite impressive with its app.

YouTube music is doing all goods, but there is a lot of work in progress with Google play music. From a music player perspective, YouTube music deserves to be applauded. The new and unique feature of this application is that it can play local files that are stored on the device. It is perhaps the only space where the use beats apple music.

Verdict: Apple wins the battle

Apple Safari versus Google Chrome: Web Browser Battle

Chrome and Safari are both popular browsers on their native platform, offering a lot of features and mesmerizing interface to its uses. But the fact is. Chrome is slightly better than Safari on the desktop mode. The reason behind it is that it looks and works are better, and everything on it is tab based.

But again when the mobile version of this browser is taken into account, Safari is preferred over Chrome. The mobile version of the Safari browser feels more comfortable to use and is very fast.

Features like bookmarks, navigation buttons, and private mode have made apple’s browser to be first in this race. We have to confess that Chrome has to do something more to catch up to deeds of their rivals.

Verdict: Apple wins the battle

IOS Message versus Android Messages

Messaging is an integral part of our lives. Whether we would like to message for the official purpose or our friend, we must ensure that the OS offers us an excellent messaging experience.

But looking at it strictly from old messaging SAS Apple app is the winner here.

Having your iMessage enabled you will enjoy a lot of useful features like the end to end encryption, emoji, and other useful apps from the house of Apple and Android lacks these features. Get in touch with us!

Verdict: Apple wins the battle

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Nitin Suvagiya

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