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New Developer Tools Announced By Microsoft at Build 2016

April 4, 2016

New Developer Tools Announced By Microsoft at Build 2016

Several announcements have been made at Build 2016 by Microsoft (Build –company’s annual developer conference). In these announcements, improvements related to Cortana Intelligence suite were also included along with previews of new cloud services and toolkits along with the release of Windows 10 Anniversary update that offers new functionality for Universal Windows Platform.

Cortana Tools by Microsoft

Cortana Intelligence Tools:

Microsoft announced new additions to its Cortana intelligence suite that offers fully managed big data and also advanced analytics suite in order to transform data into intelligent action.

Among various new offerings, one is Microsoft Cognitive Services which is a collection of intelligence APIs that allows systems to see, hear, speak , understand and interpret users needs using natural methods of communication.

Another edition is Microsoft Bot Framework which can be used by developers. Programming can be done in any language in order to develop intelligent bots that allow customers to chat with their natural language on wide variety of platforms including text SMS, Office 365, Skype, Slack, Web and more.

Microsoft also released Skype Bot Platform that includes SDK, API and Workflows that are offered in new Skype Bot Portal. With this platform, developers can build bots which leverage several forms of communication of Skype including text, voice, video and 3D interactive characters.

New Windows 10 Innovations:

As per Microsoft, Windows 10 is the fastest start in Windows history with over 270 million active devices that outpace Windows 7 by 145%. The new Windows 10 Anniversary updates are available for Windows Ink, Cortana, Windows Hello and gaming:

  • Windows Ink is new experience that will offer ability to write on a device in such a way that it was a paper to create sticky notes and also draw on whiteboard as well as share analog thoughts in digital world.
  • New Cortana features allows users to receive proactive guidance from Cortana throughout the day and then speak with Cortana even when the device is locked without logging in.
  • The security of Windows 10 can be extended to multiple devices as well as to Microsoft Edge in such a way that users can log into devices and websites with enterprise grade security.

Microsoft Holo Lens:

Microsoft Holo Lens Development Edition will be available for the first time thus extending Windows experience to holograms and allowing developers to begin the use of platform for holographic computing.

Windows Platform for Windows 10:

Updates for Universal Windows Platform includes complete access to Cortana as well as the release of Windows 10 SDK Anniversary that offers all new APIs and tools in order to integrate the latest Windows 10 innovations into apps including Windows Ink and Windows Hello.

New Tools for Windows Apps include:
  1. Windows 10 support for native bash with access to Windows file system along with open source command line tools.
  2. The new desktop app converter for Project Centennial got released which will be used to enable .NET developers in order to bring more than 16 million apps to the Universal Windows Platform.
  3. Their applications can be extended with Universal Windows Platform capabilities thus distributing their apps in Windows store.

Try out these new tools to develop various apps for your device. For more such news about Android App Development, Mobile app development; stay tuned with us.

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