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November 11, 2014

Competitive Analysis : Today, SEO has become more complex task for the webmaster which takes a lot of time to Analyze the competitor business. In this article, you will get to know how can you boost your competitor analysis by using some tips or steps.

In the first part, Keyword Research is the very important part of the any analysis, which will take time while research competitor’s keywords. You can follow some steps before keywords research which will become your task easier. These steps are:

  • Understand Competitors.
  • Identify the correct way of Finding Competition in Search.
  • Use Google Keyword Planner Tool to Identify Search Trends as well as Quantify Search Volume.

And In the Second Part, we will focus on

1. Search behavior and target keyword categories:

You have to analyze the search behavior of the user or customer, if you will understand this pattern, then definitely your business will get more impression as well as CTR Rate.

After Analyzing the keywords by Google Keywords Planner, you have to filter by the group wise or categorize into a particular Group of keywords, which will help you to get the main keyword of that group. After that, re-write or re-arrange all keywords w.r.t. the search behavior of end user.

Suppose, if any, customer or client wants to search anything as per his/her requirement. If he/she want to make a website then his/her search will be start from “Build, Free, Online, Create, Make, Website”. By this behavior, you can add consider these words and can be mentioned it with, while re-writing the new keywords which will be based on “Research + Behavior”. After that you will get new keyword which will give more weight age than ordinary keywords.

And finally, you can target that keywords according to your business and which will help you to get more impression into Google Search and a chance to get more click (Which will be depend of your SEO Strategy).

2. Competing content comparison:

You can enhance your Optimization by comparison of the competitor website’s content which is coming on top #1 while searching for a particular keyword.Suppose, you want to make a search for “how to build a web page” as you can see this in the image.

competitive Analysis
After achieving lots of results for mentioned keyword, you have to note down the domain name or URL of top websites which are coming on top in Google Search Result. After analyzing the content of that website and behavior of content pattern which is playing a key role for top result.

If you will search the keyword “build a web page” then result will come with different website domain. By the this behavior you can point out that what is the difference between both searches.

Wind Up:

There is a little bit difference of verbiage at the start of the keywords i.e. “How to”. Yes, you can also add this verbiage to your content or title, for which end users are looking for. And this keyword also giving some idea about end users, users will be related to development category who are looking for an information of “How to build a web page”. So you can also easily target your audience or customer as according to your content behavior. Learn more about updated SEO techniques from Softqube Technologies, Best SEO Services provider in India.

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