Agile & Scrum – Two Different Software Development Processes

July 22, 2014

Custom Software development is a method used to develop softwares as per the need. In case, the readymade packages are not enough to satisfy your needs and your company needs some more, then it’s time to go for tailor made softwares that include all you need.

In our today’s discussion, we are going to mention the variations between two main processes of custom software development viz. Agile & Scrum. Read ahead to know these in depth and know which one will suit your purpose:

Agile software development is a combination of various software development processes such as Extreme programming, Scrum, Rational Unified Process etc. All these procedures are contradictory to the traditional methods including Waterfall methodology which includes need analysis, document preparation before commencing the development process.

While Agile is a process where needs are considered as a part of software development process. The benefit is software developers can quickly react to the sudden change in the requirements and priorities of the business. This software development method resolves the issue of waiting for longer time taken before the development process starts. Huge adjustments in development schedules and budgets due to sudden changes can be quickly altered with Agile.

Now, talking about Scrum; it is a very simple & flexible process used to produce any product that is already used in software development process.  The main features that differentiate Scrum from Agile are simplicity, flexibility, close communication& collaboration.

Let’s check how these features are useful in developing custom softwares:

a) Simplicity :  It is in context to the three major roles of Scrum developments :

  • Product manufacturer
  • Scrum Expert
  • Software Development team

Here, we can say Product manufacturer resembles to customers or clients who specify us their system requirements. This is most important task to adhere to their needs and develop the software accordingly.

Next is Scrum Expert, also known as Project Manager who handles the communication between clients and project management team. The main job is to motivate the team and help them to eradicate any issues that hinder them to achieve the objective.

Third one, a significant part ; entire CSD ( custom software development) team including developers, designers, quality analysts, quality testers and UX/UI designers. All work together to deliver a best software to the client and they are self managed to take responsibilities and fulfil them with commitment.

Generally, software development task is divided into parts consisting of 1 – 3 weeks and during this time duration; the entire team is committed to deliver their work.

b) Flexibility:  Any changes related to the design, images, functionalities can be done very quickly with Scrum. Changes in business lead to software updation.  Scrum is extremely useful here.

c) Communication: The old traditional methods, where long meetings were held to discuss the needs are out dated now as with the help of scrum, communication has become very easy & effective. We can communicate daily with the clients as per our work schedule.

For example: First week is to work on system requirements. Let’s assume first day is for working on back end needs, so we can communicate with client about the requirements for backend and then develop accordingly. Next day if needed we can discuss with client related to other needs.

Like this, based on the sprints schedule, we can get in touch and finish the project in time. This makes development efforts more successful.

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Nitin Suvagiya

He is working with Softqube Technologies as Director, since 2009. He has over 15+ years of experience in Microsoft Technologies, working as a CEO and also providing consultation in DevOps as he is DevOps certified. He has good expertise in UX/UI designing in any application.

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