Adobe Creative Cloud - An Amazing Application To Use
Creative Cloud From Adobe – An Amazing Application To Use

Creative Cloud From Adobe – An Amazing Application To Use

Till now, we have been using many applications from Adobe such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator and lots more. Creative Cloud is yet another powerful application by Adobe.

It is an amazing application that is highly recommended by many of the web designers as well as graphic artists. It offers users access to several features for creating and enhancing info-graphics, print ready displays as well as video editing.

Adobe Creative Cloud

This can be used to develop functional web pages and offers web developers some of the best tools and services available. It was launched in 2011 and during 2014, it attracted nearly 2.3 million subscribers.

Here we have few good reasons for using this amazing app:

  1. Pixel Magic: It is very useful for grid design. Many developers need a top notch grid representation when making a website plan. Here, it is easy to align the design with a pixel grid at the time of creating graphics in illustrator.

    Further, it offers wide range of web design profiles to its users which can easily utilize built in grid which can set colour spaces to RGB values thus offering a complete control on shapes and colours.

    We all know that mobile devices have small screens and hence the new generation of desktop screens are becoming better with a resolution of 2560 x 1440px.

  2. Libraries: One of the software features is TypeKit Library that offers access to an amazing collection of fonts and icons in order to give a unique look to the web design.

    Along with some surprising fonts, there are many icons available in various styles ranging from humorous as well as social logos to highly professional ones.

    Libraries from Creative cloud have several different applications that allow designers to make most use of translation management system thus allowing them to integrate content from different sources.

  3. Resolution: Web Designs were not affected much by rastor or vector design till the time creative cloud was released. This was actually an issue while resizing images.

    Web Developers used to prefer vector images instead of losing resolution while resizing pixel based raster images. Adobe software allows developers to use both formats in order to align and adjust web page elements.

    This allows designers to easily apply such features like as fonts, scalable images and many more such related features that can empower designers with new functionality.

    Web content can easily include graphics which are scalable without losing image quality. This can easily format graphics for any device such as smart phones, desktops.

    Working with Raster: Creative cloud improves working with Rastor aspect of the entire web page. This allows users to place PSD files easily and intuitively. It allows layers and composites from image editing applications such as Photoshop.

    Users can easily manage and display multiple versions of same image. Content can be optimized at any desired level. New Photoshop versions include ability to generate assets, a feature that works in a smooth manner with Creative cloud thus allowing developers to alter their visual content.

Take Away;

The real power of creative cloud subscription is it being the gateway to several other apps which bring web development to completely new level.

Hope you learnt something new from this post. For more such posts related to web development, stay tuned to Softqube Technologies; expert Web developers India.

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