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8 Simple ways to Utilize a Blog to Improve SEO Results

February 7, 2019

8 Simple ways to Utilize a Blog to Improve SEO Results

Now that blogs are getting universal as a point of personalized contact with visitors and customers online SEO, make the most of it. Design the blog such that no loopholes are left and optimization is achieved in terms of layout, images and videos, content and communication. What is in a name? Plenty, and the URL needs to be short and sweet, immediately revealing what the blog deals with. It is advised to include the word ‘blog’ in the URL.


Naming the blog

A blog name that captures all the spirit and the drama would draw visitors like a magnet. Be creative and persuasive by inventing a profound name rather than using the term ‘blog.’ Be sure what the blog deals with, like the religious issues confronting humanity. SEO keywords would find a place in the name or at least the title.

Effective formatting

Make sure that a user-friendly layout is achieved with the right format to provide a rich experience. Easy to read and understand in terms of fonts and short paragraphs, simple sentences and bulleted and numbered as needed. Grids and sliders, diagrams and graphs would all contribute to legibility. Subheadings and the judicious use of not so harsh colors would bring an appeal. Header tags need to use keywords.

Ensure the high quality of relevant content

When content is attractive, more time is spent that escalates SEO rankings. Readers need to perceive some benefits from reading and arrange the matter such. When visitors share blogs because they like it, SEO receives a boost too.

Optimize images and videos

Text alone will not suffice in this image and video obsessed generation and a few superb samples will certainly improve the quality of content, just like in other media forms. Besides the esthetic and relevant quality, consider technical factors and make sure that the format and sizing of images is done. Keywords should be used for the file names.

Aim for social networks

Sharing on social media like Facebook makes a difference to SEO rankings. Such buttons that facilitate social media sharing need to be installed. Sharing encourages participation, further sharing and purchases of goods and services. Research shows that perhaps 10% improvement in traffic can result from the social media influence within 10 days.

Update blog content regularly

Like the recycling game, work on it constantly. Even if new content is not always available, technical aspects can receive a boost. Links to other pages in the website can be added or to related blogs and websites by subject matter. Improve upon the images and videos already in place. Check on keywords used in title tags and meta descriptions.

Target particular niches of the market

Each blog needs to cater to a specific audience and avoid the general approach. Particular needs like the ‘health of dogs’ rather than ‘dogs’ would be quite specific. In marketing, deal with hot topics and present up to date information.

Optimization for mobile phones

Websites and blogs that do not fit into small screens are losing out nowadays and getting penalized with the vast market using portable devices. Blogs should load fast and equally well into all screens. Small is the new big.

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