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11 Eye-Opening SEO Statistics to Prove the Value of Organic Search!!!
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11 Eye-Opening SEO Statistics to Prove the Value of Organic Search!!!

In this era of the digital world, having a prominent online presence is a necessity. People search online to get a product or service. Now, it is your responsibility to make sure that who are searching for your business will find you online. These days, most of the people do online research before buying a SEO services or a product. Remember that people are searching for the services and products that your company provides; there is no rocket science behind it. You just have to make a great online presence of your business to reach to your customers.

The days have gone when customers reach your business. With the availability of a number of options to choose from, now you have to reach to your potential clients and customers.

Have a look at these SEO Services statistics and get to know the importance of the Google ranking.

1. If Google down for 5 minutes, global internet traffic dropped 40%

Google is the soul of the Internet, everything on the internet is revolving around it as it is the most trusted and demanded search engine. Do you know if Google goes down for 5 minutes then it can reduce your website traffic to 40%? Around 2.3 million Google search were done using Google every minute. So, you can see how important Google is for your business and your business traffic. 16-20% of Google searches are searched for the first time.

Source: CNET

2. More than 2.3M Google searches each minute

Google holds 92.21% of the searches done by people on the internet. More than 2.3 million searches are made by people every minute. It is because Google uses the practices that make people get a satisfactory result in a fraction of second. When we talk about it the search back in 1995, only 500,000 searches had been made at that time and now this number has been quadrupled. So, you can see the progress of Google searches.

Source: Internet Live Stats

3. 16-20% of Google searches are searched for first time

16 to 20 % of Google searches are made by users for the first time. In this ultra-competitive world, companies have to cover both the popular as well as less popular keywords so that Google can answer all the queries made by the people.

Source: Internet Live Stats

4. Top 5 search results get 70% of the clicks

No one is going to open the second link. 70% of the clicks made by the visitors are on the top 5 results. So, keeping a high website ranking becomes a necessity. The position of your website in search engine result page matters a lot. So, make sure than your business website ranking is up to 5 to get great traffic on your website.

Source: Amazee Metrics

5. 51% of the website traffic comes from organic search results

Knowing it that how people reaches to your website is really very important. It enables you to enhance your website traffic. According to a study, more than 40% of the revenue of an online company is just because of the organic search result, 10 % of traffic is generated by the social media platforms and 10% by ad campaigns. Thus SEO Services is a great tool to bring potential customers to your website.

Source: BrightEdge

6. More than half of Google’s searches by mobile platforms

These days, half of Google searches have been done using mobile and tablets. According to research, the number of mobile searches has been increasing with each passing day. Even because of this reason, Google has updated its algorithm and gives higher priority to mobile-friendly devices. If a website does not have a responsive or mobile-friendly design then it can affect the website’s ranking negatively.

Source: The Verge

7. 88% of users are using their mobile device to search on Google

Most of the people with smart phones use their mobile devices to make a search on Google. According to statistics data, 88% of mobile users are using their mobile phones to search for a query on Google. That is why having a mobile-friendly website has become a mandatory option to increase the traffic on your website. When it comes to getting a local result, no one is going to open his/her laptop, almost no one. People use their handy devices and are more likely to make a visit on the same day to the store.

Source: Think With Google

8. 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale on the same day

Do you know local searches are a crucial part in enhancing the sales of your business? 18% of the people who made local searches purchase a product on the same day. Even Google has updated its algorithm to give a priority to local searches. So, you need to capture the local search market to make your business succeed.

Source: Google

9. 50% of mobile users are likely to visit a store on the same day

Remember that your potential customers are finding you locally. 50% of the users that make a local search visit the store on the same day to purchase a service or product so you should be available for your customer where he/she is finding you. Choose to have a mobile-friendly website to make sure that you can reach to each and every potential customer of yours.

Source: Google

10. 78% of local mobile searches results in In-store Purchases

People are not just searching to get entertain they are also searching for the best company in their area to get a particular product or service. Customers love to make comparisons while buying an item, it is your responsibility to present yourself as the best. So, having a great Google ranking can enhance your in-store purchases.

Source: Search Engine Land

11. 21% decrease in search engine rankings, when not mobile friendly URLs

If you don’t choose to have a web responsive or a mobile-friendly design than it can affect your website’s Google ranking negatively. According to the latest Google algorithm updates, having a nonmobile friendly website means your website would not get a place in the first three result pages. So you can see how negatively affect it will affect your website ranking as well as revenue. According to research if your website URL is not mobile friendly then it will decrease your Google result ranking to 21%.

Source: BrightEdge

Bonus Statistics

 1. Users focus more on organic search results 94% of the time

According to these statistics, there is nothing wrong in saying that if you are using organic legal SEO Services on your website then you are going to have great business traffic. Most of the users enter a keyword in the Google search engine and more likely to click on the organic results. Only a few ones click on the paid ads. Most of the users ignore the paid results given there on the result paid and directly jump on to the organic results. The higher your website gets ranking on the search result page and the higher clicks you will get. So just focus on the organic search results.

Source: Search Engine Watch

2. One in the six people present on this planet Google to get an answer to a query

Here, we are not talking about people who have internet access. It is the statistics of all the people living on this planet. What you have Googled today? A big chunk of the population is Googling away the queries to get appropriate results. No one can deny the fact even the competitors that Google is the biggest search engine agent to get an answer to all the queries and people across the world use Google to get a piece of information, to find out the best store and for much more purposes.

Source: Search Engine Watch

3. Google owns 64% of the search engine market share in the US

Similar to the other parts of the world, in the US, most of the people use the Google search engine on a priority basis to make a search. The count of the US using Google search engine is a bit higher as compared to the others. According to a study, 11.2 billion searches have been made through Google out of 17.5 billion searches. The ration is increasing with each passing day so you can estimate the popularity of Google. Bing is the second highest searches search engine followed by Yahoo with just 3.7 billion and 2.2 billion searches. The count of the number of searches made using Google is increasing with the time and the statistics data is proving the results.

Source: comScore

4. Globally, 82% of the search market share is under Google

No one can deny the fact that most of the people use Google to make searches and this data is just proof of this. Google is on the top when it comes to the searches results. So if you want to make recognition in the market, having great Google rank is mandatory. However, in China people are more likely to use other search engines but when we consider the factor globally the 82% of the total searches have been made using Google so you can have an estimate that how Google is important to you and your business.

Source: Net Market Share

5. 10% of people are searching for detailed content

Make sure that your website content is relevant and of high quality. People make searches just to get a piece of information. If they are not satisfied with your website content, they will jump to the other website. So, keep your website content detailed as well as of high quality.

Source: Moz via Results Driven SEO Services

Considering these SEO Services statistics you can have an idea that having an online presence of your business is the necessity. No one can ever deny the statistics results. These eye-opening results are enough to justify the online presence of a business. So, you have come to know the importance of the organic results, SEO services and Google as well. Now, have an SEO friendly website and give a new meaning to your business by hiring the Softqube Technologies professionals.

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