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AI development companies are set to remove redundancy via automation. Now, your team can fully focus on value-driven processes that can help them win successfully. In a few steps, you will gain more victories. We are a specialized artificial intelligence development company in India and we aim to support businesses with automation goals. We provide holistic artificial intelligence development services that can advance and control staff productivity with smart operations. We are the solution providers who can help you automate end-to-end workflows from the front and back-office levels. Our functionalities include application, testing, and tech support. Our team strives to bring innovation with advanced technologies. With us, you will fetch a higher productivity level for your company.

We are the pioneers in becoming the AI solution providers with an agile approach. We provide cutting-edge and real-time AI and ML services to our clients. We have distinguished AI/ML development service providers because we possess a passion for implementation and customization with consulting services.

Our AI & Machine Learning Solutions

With Softqube’s AI & Machine learning development and consulting services, your business can provide personalized experiences to customers, yield result-driven solutions that redefine customer interactions, and automate your internal workflows.


Machine Learning Solutions

Our ML team of proficient experts will help you create solutions with ML algorithms that facilitate making crucial business decisions.


Language Processing

We provide language processing services that empower machines to comprehend complex data and eliminate unwanted communication.


Image Processing

We have voice-based AI solutions that can build custom voice-enabled applications to empower your business operations smoothly and rapidly.


ChatBot Development

We develop interactive chatbots that support customers via human-like conversations with them enabling them to save time and operational costs.


AI Consulting & Integration Services

We are experienced developers helping clients improve their existing system or augment the functionality of a cross-platform interface app.


Robotic Process Automation

With our solutions, we reduce overall staff efforts, improvise productivity of daily processes, and minimize the risk of human error.

Most Popular AI/ML Tools

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AI/ML Tools

Scikit Learn

Performs wonderfully and serves as a machine learning tool in Python. We use this tool commercially with an AI library. It is just another Python library that supports both supervised and unsupervised machine learning. Most importantly, it supports regression, classification, and algorithm clustering with great model selection, dimensionality reduction, and preprocessing. It is one of the simplest and most efficient tools for data mining and data analysis. It is easily accessible and reusable in various contexts.


With TensorFlow, we provide an open-source machine learning framework for everyone. It provides high-performance computation and has a Python library that invokes C++ to develop and implement dataflow graphs. It is very supportive when classification and regression algorithms need to be performed and especially for deep learning and neural networks. Backed by Google, TensorFlow can be learned and used on Colaboratory, that is Jupyter notebook environment running in the cloud and requires zero set-ups.


PyTorch is an open-source deep learning platform offering a seamless path from research prototyping to production deployment. Mainly developed by Facebook’s AI research team, PyTorch supports GPU and CPU computations together and provides scalable distributed training and performance optimization in production and research. The best features are GPU acceleration and deep neural networks. With these comprehensive tools, PyTorch can provide abundant resources that support development.


We prefer Keras due to its high-level neural network API that can even run on top of other popular AI/ML tools like TensorFlow or Theano. It has Python deep learning library that supports quick experimentation and claims to move from idea to the result in the least possible delay. Rather than providing a complete ML framework, Keras operates with special functionality as a user-friendly and compatible interface that takes care of modularity and total expressiveness.

How Can Softqube Help Add Value To Your Business?

Being an eminent AI & ML services and solutions provider across the globe, Softqube provides advanced machine learning solutions at a considerably lesser cost than the competitors. We provide the world’s best-in-class machine learning and artificial intelligence development team of experts who help your business act, think, and predict smartly in the era of digitalization. Multiply your business revenue with our AI/ML services.

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