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6 Feb

Android Studio 2.0 Beta Released with Improved Developer Tools

Recently, Google announced beta of Android Studio 2.0 software which can be now easily downloaded. It now has come up with new and improved tools that can be useful for Android Developers.

The latest version of IDE, Android Studio 2.0 has no confirmed release date. However if you wish to try it out then you can download it from Beta channel website. The new features or we can say developer tools include:

Android Studio 2.0

  • Android emulator
  • Instant Run ( quick code editing and App Deployment)
  • GPU Profiler
  • Update to Android Debug Bridge.(ADB)

Let’s take a brief look at some of the features:

  1. Instant Run: One of the features of Instant Run was demonstrated in November 2015 with a capability known as Cold Swap. This allows having changes in App code of the Software running on any Android Device without any need to re- develop the entire app.Instead of this; Cold Swap uses incremental builds and will add only those changes in code or resources. Android Studio 2.0 makes it easier for Apps to get indexed with URL testing and Validation so that developers can check their app’s URL links with the already available validation tool.

    Instant Run
  2. Android Emulator: Further, the Android Emulator is updated with new rotation controls in the toolbar thus adding support for multi touch during the app testing phase that is used for pinch and zoom gestures.One just needs to long hold down the Alt Key with right click with mouse at centre and then left click and then zoom it. With any beta software, users can encounter various bugs when the software is actually in use.
  3. Google App Indexing Integration and Testing: Adding App indexing to the app helps to get the users engaged. In the first Android preview; one can add indexing code stubs in the code.With beta release, one can test and validate URL links in the app within IDE.
  4. Fast ADB: With this feature; it has now become easier to install and push files 5 times faster using Android Studio 2.0 with an updated Android Debug Bridge that is available in platform tools 23.1.0.
  5. GPU Profile Preview: For those applications that are related entirely on graphics; one can visually step through OpenGL ES code in order to optimize the app or game.
  6. Integration of IntelliJ 15: Android studio is based on efficient coding platform of Intellij.

    Some features of this coding platform are as follows:

    • Debugger: To accept the functional programming way with Java 8 and Scala, the de bugger has now improved and offers first class lambda support.
    • User Interface: A unified user interface is developed for testing where an instant preview is added so that its Path can be found easily with improved HiDPI support that makes the IDE friendlier and easier to use for people suffering from coloring benches.
    • Improved UI for unit testing: It is the entire test runner tool window that is developed from base to offer a unified interface for all languages along with inline statistics, vertical layout, test results history including export import actions.

    These are some of the features of this coding software which makes it quite useful one.

However, according to Google; Android Studio 2.0 is almost stable. So, those who are using the first version of Android Studio can easily get updated to the latest version of beta by checking for updates under Help Menu.

Take Away:

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