IoT Smart Home Automation Solutions

At Softqube, we want our clients to experience resilient and demonstrable home automation that involves a complete regulation of their homes. Our IoT and Data Analytic experts ensure developing reliable home automation solutions with their high-quality skills and using the most trending technologies.

Our years of experience in providing bespoke home automation solutions serve as a testimonial to our brand reputation. Our industrial knowledge leads to offer the best solutions on how to use smart home devices with an established comprehensive IoT ecosystem. With this, we aim to give people instant access to monitor and control their home devices.

With our IoT-based home automation solutions, we give our clients a unique experience that helps them to operate multiple systems at homes such as videos, music, lights, climate, and security via their smartphones, touch panels, tablets, or keyboards. Our ultimate goal is to serve our clients the utmost peace of mind via offering world-class home automation solutions that can enhance a convenient and secured lifestyle.


Smart Home App Development Services & Consulting

With our efficient home automation consulting services, we assist our clients to build productive smart home app solutions for their end-users. Our solutions help effectively control the home appliances to get a comfortable lifestyle. Also, give delight to your end-users with our in-built interactive smart home applications that centrally control a host of devices along with home appliances, IoT devices, security systems, and smart home accessories. Below features are added to the Smart Home Apps that ensure sustainable conversion ratios:

  • Home Appliance Automation
  • IoT devices connected centrally
  • Security systems automated
  • High compatibility for cross-platform app


Range of High Quality UI UX Design for Customized Smart Home Solutions

Our team of proficient UI/UX designer exerts have gained excellence in crafting high-quality and secured smart home app interfaces ensuring maximum user interactions. With modern design concepts and proven techniques, we design high-quality and attractive app screens that resonate the modern lifestyle concepts and industry standards. The dashboard’s centralized monitoring tool ensures to keep a regular check on the performance standards and analysis.

  • Engaging app interface
  • User-centric dashboards
  • Reliable and Innovative wireframes and prototypes


Feature Rich Security Systems For Home Security Software Development

Softqube builds applications to strengthen smart home security systems. Our app comes with the most advanced features such as facial recognition, computer vision, and fingerprint authentication. Our services ensure smooth interaction between IoT devices and other smart home accessories. Our team of developers coordinates with the clients to develop smart home security software that provides seamless integration with IoT devices

  • The software development process for smart locks
  • Software development for vaults
  • Software development for garage door openers


Smart Home Automation App Integration & Migration

Custom integration is an added smart home development service that stretches the capabilities of the app to incorporate new features and functionalities. Our smart home apps get well integrated with third-party applications and plugins. Some of the customized features such as voice calling, virtual assistance, and push notifications can also be integrated. We offer migration services for smart home apps ensuring minimum data losses.

  • Bespoke app integration and migration
  • Additional features and functionalities
  • Improved efficacy of apps


Home Automation Software Check

Our extended services include quality assurance and software testing that focuses on bug-fixing. Our quality assurance experts help in identifying bugs and complicated software problems.

  • Support system for testing automation
  • Bug fixing and problem detection technique
  • Result-oriented methodologies


Smart Home App Maintenance and Support Centre

To gain consistency in the app performance, we offer post-app development support with key optimization strategies. Our efficient support team keeps a regular check on the app performance to ensure a seamless workflow with the least possible downtime. Also, routine monitoring is done to troubleshoot technical issues that may hamper the performance.

  • 24/7 support whenever needed
  • Regular system monitoring
  • Routine analysis of work performance

Why Hire Softqube to Build an IoT driven Smart Home Automation App?

Our clients choose us over our competitors because we offer IoT solutions for smart home automation as per their exact requirements. At Softqube, we aim to give an effortless lifestyle solution with our smart home automation apps.

  • High expertised team to ensure speedy installation embedded with add-on services like fixing up switch modules and much more.
  • Safe, secured, and the most reliable IoT home automation solutions to establish standardized service quality with great usage convenience
  • A sustainable global brand reputation in the market with our premium quality and well-maintained smart home automation apps.
  • Efficient and controlled preservation of non-renewable energy by the end-users via our exclusive and innovative usage of smart home automation services
  • IoT-driven switch modules installed to enable an analysis of real-time usage of energy resources
  • Robust technologies adopted to control and monitor home appliances from prioritization, setting limits to categorization as per users choice.

UI and UX Design FAQs in

How much will it cost to create a UX design?

The main elements that impact the cost of developing a UX design are project scale, platforms, and hourly rate of the design team. A simple app or a website will take around 100 hours with an average hourly rate of $50. To build complex apps around 200 to 500 hours are taken with an average hourly rate of $50-$75 per hour.

What is the UX design process?

The UX design process enhances continuous polishing and design improvement. 4 key stages evaluate your designs like user research, design, testing, and implementation.

What are the resources that clients need to provide?

A prospective client should provide basic details such as

  • Business and organizational goals
  • Functional requirements
  • Technical specifications

Other resources include:

  • Previous user experience test results
  • User analytics data
  • Business reports

What are the UX design deliverables?

All the UX designers produce the below results

  • User-research report
  • User persona
  • Customer journey map
  • Sitemap
  • Wireframe
  • UI sketch

Interactive prototype.

What kind of designs are made by you?

Our UI/UX design studio produces creative designs that are responsive, user-friendly, and theme-oriented. We promote and help grow every single brand element and business idea as per the client’s requirement.

Can I use your services as white-label services

Yes, we provide white-label services. We work with several UI/UX designers who contribute their talents and skills to clients business development.

Do you follow the brand guidelines?

Yes, we comply with the specific instructions shared by you for your design requirements and thereby create world-class products. This also contains all the brand guidelines.

Do you code the landing page in WordPress?

Yes, we do code your landing page in WordPress using the Elementor tool. If you need coding in some other tool, you can contact us for live chat.

Can we schedule a call to discuss my app idea and understand your technical capabilities?

Yes, our consultancy services are available for a call or by email. We shall be pleased to discuss your app idea with you anytime at your convenience.

Which tools and technologies you use for UI/UX design?

We use the best of tools and the most trending technologies available in the market such as Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Balsamiq, Axure RP, etc.



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