On-demand taxi services are in high demand worldwide. Taking advantage of this market requirement and approaching high-end developers with expertise in the field of Taxi App Development can take your business to new altitudes. We are a leading taxi app developer and provide customizable solutions that will help you Build a Taxi Booking App that is user-friendly and robust in no time. Technologically advanced taxi booking app solution available in the existing on- demand industry. The ardent entrepreneurs can now develop a full-fledged ride-hailing application that acts as the linking bridge between the riders and the drivers.

The taxi app solution can be personalized to suit various business verticals of the taxi industry, such as ride-hailing, ridesharing, car rentals, corporate cab services, bike taxis, fleet management, and many more. Owning an Uber-like app transforms the way your business operated in the past and garners a massive customer base, gaining you an edge over your competitors.

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Important features

KALMAN FILTER’SCustomised Tracking Algorithm for best motion of the vehicle
GYRO API’SGive the best motion of the vehicle on map like UBER
OTP VERIFICATIONUsing your favourite Gateway provider (Twillio/Firebase/Custom SMS Gateway)
NATIVE TECH & MATERIAL UIiOS-Native, Android-Native and Material Backend CMS & and Powerfull Dispatcher system
DRIVER TRACKINGDriver Tracking in Real-time
CAR POOLINGDriver can always switch between Car pool Or Private car
REALTIME ETANearest Driver Availability without Google api consumption
DISTRIBUTED DATABASECombination of 3 Database Node-Mongodb, Php-Mysql & Firebase
NICE RECEIPT’S DESIGNSNice Receipt’s Designs for Bookings on User and Driver app
FAVORITE LOCATIONUser can set their location’s as favourite which they constantly travel to avoid re-typing it
100% SCALABLE100% Scalable and can take large loads with nominal hosting cost
CALLER IDENTIFICATIONDriver can see passenger details like pick up, drop, Approx Time of that User/Rider.
TRANSACTION HISTORYBoth Driver’s App & Rider’s App can see their transaction history
REQUEST PAYOUTSDriver’s can request Payouts from Wallet balance and request to be send to Admin for settlement’s
FARE ESTIMATIONUser can get Fare estimate before the ride begins charged based on Ride info
ON-DUTY & OFF-DUTYDriver can turn himself On Duty to accept Jobs / Turn off Duty when the need rest
COMMISSION CALCULATIONCommission Calculation with automatically credit’s/debits from wallets
STYLISH POP’SStylist popup and alerts throughout both user & driver app
ANIMATIONSCool animation between View’s smooth transition
WALLETS INTIGRATIONWallets for Driver’s App & Rider’s App
RATINGSRatings for Both Drivers and Users
FUTURE JOBS AND RESERVEDriver to Search for Future jobs and reserve themselves
AUTO FLAGGEDDriver’s & User’s who cancelled/reject 5 jobs will be flagged automatically
PROMO & COUPON CODEFlat or percentage discount model, expiry date, number of time’s it’s used etc
PAYMENT FLEXIBILITYFlat or percentage discount model, expiry date, number of time’s it’s used etc
JOB ASSIGNMENTThis is unique feature of the app with robust algorithm or job assignment to driver’s

Another important Feature Good to Have

Geo Tracking
Your Customers can always see where the nearest drivers are in real time in your customer facing mobile apps

Your customers have the comfort of changing or cancelling a booking at any time.

Talk to
Your Driver
With our Customer and Driver apps, your clientele and providers can chat or call from within the app.

Customers and Drivers can check the service history and see where their previous points of service requests.

Both drivers and your customers can see the history of jobs with reviews so that they can get better.

Your customers and drivers can create and maintain a detailed profile so that you will know your ecosystem better.

Ride Allotment
Admins can employ the following unique algorithms to allocate drivers for service requests.

Email and SMS
App users get notified regarding registration and other ride related events via SMS and email seamlessly.

Publish IOS/Android
Our team assists with uploading and installing the application and get it approved on the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

Low Battery
The application is critically optimized to perform flawlessly on leading smart devices, therefore, ensuring efficient battery usage

Security / Sensitive
Data Protection
To ensure safe transactions, we configure SSL certification and other critical security parameters to the application code.

This feature enables your customers to share a promo code to their friends and peers so that they both get a better discount and brings virality to your app.

The application is built to cater to the infinite driver and user registrations. The application performs flawlessly with no additional charge for registrations and installations.

Users and drivers can access the feature to view the past trip details, including date & time, cost of service, driver/customer name/ID, and other info.

The application is integrated with advanced Google map API ensuring accurate performance. Google Maps offers convenient access to its services.

The application feature notifies both users and drivers regarding numerous promotions, coupons, in-app chats, service confirmations, and other alerts.

Management (Admin)
Admin can track the amounts they have credited/debited in driver’s wallets. They can view details such as taxes, commissions, referral bonuses, and others as a whole.

The unique feature allows service seekers to book available taxis on the spot. Users provide their phone number & drop location or scan the QR code to confirm ride requests to drivers.

The feature, when activated charges double the cost (can be modified by Admin) to users. The service provider sets a specific time as peak hours, and the app auto-activates price.

The creative feature allows users to change the destination location post commencement of the ride. Users can alter the destination numerous times, and the service cost gets recalculated accordingly.

The smart module bifurcates the commissions and taxes for each payment and credits the final amount (post-commission & tax) to driver’s wallets, likewise, crediting the commissions & taxes to admins wallet.

The feature is exclusively built for users who do not have access to the internet. Admins can accept bookings through user phone calls and manually dispatch vehicles to the requested location.

The web panel versions are built to be compatible with all commonly configured Linux servers like Amazon Cloud Servers, etc. We provide the best server details as per business requirements.

Rider & Driver
In-App Chat
Once the driver accepts the ride request, he/she can chat with the customers for clarification regarding direction, route, and location. The feature eliminates user’s (Customers & Drivers) necessity to call.

The premier app ensures that the entire database is securely backed to prevent unforeseen malfunctions. The option is integrated into the admin panel for easy extraction of the database.

The driver enables the waiting time feature when users stop to shop/eat during the trip. Once the user enters the vehicle, the driver disables the waiting time and proceeds with the ride. The waiting time gets calculated and combined with the final
cost at the end of the trip.

Payment Change
In Invoice
The smart feature allows users the flexibility to change payment methods from cash to the card or vice versa. Furthermore, users looking to change card details can do so by selecting any one of the listed card numbers/information previously added
or manually enter new card details with ease.

Business admins/app owners can track their business earnings with advanced reports. Admins can also track and view specific users/drivers ride requests, performance, and other details by searching with their name or ID. Furthermore, app owners can
export business details from the previous year to the present.

Some None Functional Features


Complete Customise algorithm for dispatcher to calculates price’s automatically


Stylish UI with every thing accessible in single page with just one click


Drivers are queued to dispatcher on the basic of their completion time they completed the ride


Dispatcher can create Recurring jobs on the basis of days of the week and end dates as well


Assign time is calculated for each jobs dispatcher creates using Google API’s


System finds the nearest driver on the basis of assign time or dispatcher assigns the driver manually

What we offer in our Taxi App Development

Our standard package of taxi app includes

Total 3 Systems Need To Develop

This Uber Like Taxi Provides High-End Features To Ensure That A Customer Enjoys A Comfortable Ride Without Any Hassles.

RegistrationUsers can register with their information or social media login.
Fare EstimationThe app generates an estimated cost of the trip.
Smart Digital WalletsThese wallets can be synced with a customers bank account for payment through the app.
Ride HistoryA user can keep track of all the rides they have made.
Push NotificationsUsers receive alerts on driver location, trip fares, and other information.
Live Ride TrackingThe in-built GPS system allows the rides to be tracked.
Payment ModesCustomers can pay via cash, debit/credit card securely.
Estimate TimeThe app displays the estimated time that the driver will take to pick up the customer.
Scheduled RidesCustomers can book rides for later.
RatingsUsers can rate the services that they use and also give feedback

This On-Demand Taxi App Is Available To Drivers To Help Them Serve Their Customers Efficiently.

RegistrationDrivers can register using their personal information or their social network.
Availability ToggleThe driver can update his/her availability on the application.
Earnings TabDrivers can keep track of their everyday earnings.
Transaction HistoryA driver can keep account of all the trips he/she has made.
Live NavigationHelps drivers locate their customers and take the fastest route.
Work HistoryDrivers can check the service history and see where their previous points of service requests.
PricingThis feature helps drivers know the locations that have pricing.
Driver RatingsDrivers’ services are rated by the customers.

Admins and Sub-Admins Supervise Every Transaction That Takes Place with This Taxi Booking App.

Sub-AdminsAn admin can appoint sub-admins to manage various domains.
Settlement ModuleThe smart module bifurcates the commissions and taxes for each payment and credits the final amount (post-commission & tax) to driver’s wallets.
Trip ReportAll information is available about trips – the count, duration, receipt, driver, user, etc is available to the admin.

Driver VerificationTo ensure that the drivers are credible, they are verified by the admin through the app.

Document VerificationThe vehicles used also need verification. The documents should be cross-checked.

Earnings ReportIt shows the earnings of a driver and commission to be received by an admin.

Proposed Technology Stack For This App

Android Studio 3.6.3
Xcode 4.2
OS Version Support
Android 4.4 KitKat(API 19) to Android 10 Pie (API 29)
iOS 5.0 – iOS 10
Design Patterns
Material Design
SQLite – Room DB
SQLite – Room DB
MS SQL Server OR MySql
Device Support
Mobile Phone with Portrait Mode and Tablet.
Mobile Phone with Portrait Mode and iPad.

How Much Will Taxi Booking App DevelopmentCost?

If you are tight on budget, you can include the basic features and get started with the application. However, the final cost of kind of booking app development depends completely upon the features and the complexities we try to coverup.

Phase wise implementation and planning will help you get into the market with low budget and give you chance to acceptance of your business idea in your targeted market audience.

So, you can start with minimum budget of $18000 USD with minimum functionality and gradually adding more phases step by step.

If you have some sort of different concept, you can also hire mobile app developers who have especially great skill within this domain.

To get an estimate of the prices for the taxi app clone features and functionalities that we provide, get in touch with us!!! Free consultation are available.


According to Forbes, Uber managed four billion rides, up from two billion total rides last year. This high number is expected to rise. So, if you invest in branded taxi development you have a good chance of growing your business just like Uber is doing.

Taxi mobile app has become a necessity for all taxi businesses. These apps offer your business many benefits including understanding market trends, reaching more customers and improving service delivery.

So, if you don’t have a branded taxi app for your business, then you must be losing a lot of revenue for your competitors. Get a taxi mobile application today, and you will see the benefits in no time. While branded taxi app development is never an easy task, it is usually a worthy venture.

We hope this blog shares relevant information about the Taxi Booking application development and you are able to target your audience effortlessly.

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