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Marketing is the life blood of any movie. Without proper marketing, the real audience won’t be able to know about your movie.

Softqube Technologies is one of the rising IT company based in India. It has undertaken many projects from various different industries and the latest that included in the list is a Hollywood movie called Sorrow. This was for the first time in the history of Softqube Technologies they get an offer to work for a Hollywood project and they never want to miss to add a new name in the industry. Softqube start working on Sorrow project from March 10, 2015 and the project is running successful. The film is getting a wonderful response from audience of the United States. The film is produced, written and directed by Millie Loredo and made under the independent film production house named FilmsVerité Productions.

About the
Movie Sorrow

One day on a summer morning Mila went for a long drive on lonely roads in order to spend sometime for herself. But she never now this enjoyment turns out to be her worst decision. After her car refuse to start, she decided to take the help of someone so that she can reach home on time. After searching for long, she knocks at a stranger’s door. The stranger looks normal, but the situation takes abnormal turn when she was attacked by someone in stranger’s home. When she was recovered in normal conditions, found herself chained with iron.

Unable to understand what is going with her, she cried for help. These strangers were none other than serial killers who take pleasure in killing people. The serial killers include a woman also named Hersey Igor. She was the one who loves to torture Mila a lot. After getting courage she escape and take revenge from her captors. The story is based on how detective Salinas solve the murder mysteries and how she reveal the reason behind the murder of serial killers.

The stars of the movie includes Vannessa Vasquez as forensic psychologist named Mila Sweeney, Eric Martinez as killer Dale Rogers, Mary Etuk perfectly played the role of Hersey Igor, Melissa Mars is perfect in the skin of detective Ana Salinas, Andrew Sensenig can be see in the shade of the Chief of Police and Donny Boaz perfectly play the role of detective partner of Salinas as Detective Farrell.

Cast & Crew

Softqube Process to make this project Success

Now talking about Softqube team work, so in order to bring this film into the limelight they have left no stone unturned to make it successful. The project duration is about 10 weeks. From the day one, team is working hard to mark the film online presence with the SEO strategies like articles, blogs, classified, social sharing, Wiki page, infographics, documentation, press release, social bookmarking, video sharing and lots more. The team brings huge traffic for movie.

Sorrow Google Analytic

Here you can clearly see the increase in Sorrow traffic constantly and with the high rate. Graph shows tremendous increase in traffic on Sorrow website. The graph taken in graph includes the time period from March 10, 2015 till date.

Official Sorrow website

Traffic from Channels

Snapshot showing channels grouping monthly comparison and highlight shows organic traffic. If you see image carefully you will mark that there is almost 247% rise from the period March 11, 2015 – April 10, 2015 to April 11, 2015 – May 11, 2015.

Country wise Traffic Bifurcation

Following snapshot shows country wise sessions and its percentage. The country topping the movie session includes United States follow by Pakistan, UK, etc.

Interest By Age

The graph shows the age group who are interested in movie sorrow in which the people between the age of 25 years to 34 years are most interested follow by 18-24 years of age.

State Wise Traffic Bifurcation

The chart shows that state wise traffic from the cities like Texas, California and New York. The highest traffic comes from Texas followed by New York and California.

Traffic Improvement

The graph in the picture shows the session visit from the time period between April 11, 2015-May 11, 2015 and March 11, 2015-April 10, 2015. The lines in blue show session of April 11, 2015-May 11, 2015 and orange lines show March 11, 2015-April 10, 2015. It has show rise in the period of April 11, 2015-May 11, 2015.

Traffic Bifurcation by different Channel

Pie charts shows clear indication about the top channels where movie gets traffic and in this case social channels top the list in the period of April 11, 2015 -May 11, 2015 with 44.6% share in its part. While from March 11, 2015- April 10, 2015, social channel grab 55.9%.

Client Comment:

Softqube Technologies is one of the company that we will love to work in future also. The performance given by the company meet our expectations very well. Another things that i would like to give compliment about is their communication and hard work team. The team members have done commendable job in our projects.

Thanks Softqube for your 24×7 support in promoting Indie Horror Movie Sorrow.

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