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23 Sep
Hari Patel

Make WordPress Development Easy through Documentation

WordPress has become a best friend of people who wish to get any blog or user friendly website developed in minutes. Some prefer to use pre-installed themes while some want to get custom theme created.WordPress Developer Documentation

In the same way, website layouts provided by WordPress are adopted by certain business people while some to get a fresh new website layout. Now, when it comes to customization then there raises the need of expert developers.

How developers can help you? The answer is simple they can develop any kind of website or blog as needed because

they are very well aware about WordPress coding and can alter it when needed.

So, here we are going to give you an insight of some important documentation that web developers actually use while developing any website or blog.

WordPress Developer Documentation:

Those who have some little programming knowledge can also alter the coding as per the need so that they can get exactly what they need and sometimes this change may be helpful to others as well. In one way, we can say that indirectly you are contributing to the WordPress developer community through your ideas.

Users of WordPress can make it highly customizable by slightly changing the coding and this will make it more popular. So, here is some coding that can be edited easily:


    1. Plug in Development:
      • Writing a Plug in: Here, you can learn to create new WordPress plug ins.
      • Coding Standards : Know about the terms and conditions of the coding, guidelines regarding its coding
      • Promoting & Submitting Plug in: This will give you some idea regarding the promotion and submission of plug ins once created.
      • Function Reference: An entire guide about PHP functions used for WordPress
      • Plug in Resources: Additional resources available to develop plug ins is given here.


    1. API:
      • Plug in API: This guide contains actions, filters and hooks that are generally used in Plug ins.
      • Short code API: A reference guide regarding short code API
      • Options API: This gives complete info about entire options system used in WordPress
      • Widgets API: This is a reference guide used for creating its widgets.
      • Quick Tags API: A reference guide that is used to add buttons to html editor
      • Rewrite API: This API is used to rewrite URLs for your website.


  1. Forums, Lists & Blogs:
    • Mailing Lists: This is a reference guide for its mailing lists.
    • IRC: This is a reference guide for its IRC channels

Wind up:

For more details about website design and development services in WordPress, you can get in touch with our experts at Softqube Technologies, a well known web design and development company based in India serving clients all over the world with utmost client satisfaction in the field of eCommerce.

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