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13 Aug

ASP.NET Advanced Web Frameworks Get Upgraded

Technology gets updated on regular basis and so with every advancing day, changes occur in each and every sector. Recently, Microsoft has come into light with a host of new features and  bug fixes to several advanced ASP.NET frameworks like ASP.NET MVC 5, Web API 2 and Web Pages 3.

Here, we will discuss about latest upgrades of these frameworks. These are now available live on NuGet Gallery. This upgrade release can be downloaded or updated by using the following commands:

  • Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc -Version 5.2.0
  • Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi -Version 5.2.0
  • Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.WebPages -Version 3.2.0

So, what is required to install this latest upgrades? All you need is:

  • If you are using Visual Studio 2012,  then it is recommended to download : ASP.NET and Web Tools 2013.1 for Visual Studio 2012
  • For other versions,  say Visual Studio 2013,  you can get updated : Visual Studio 2013 Update 1. This update is mandatory for editing MVC 5.2 Razor views.

Let’s look inside of latest release:

ASP.NET product team has provided solutions for certain issues and added some new useful features. Certain bugs must be fixed and some of the minor features fetch many more virtues in these advanced frameworks.

Contents of MVC 5.2:

  • Improvements in Attributes
  • Latest feature updates
  • Bug fixing becomes easy.

Contents of Web API 2.2:

  • Odata v4 Support
  • Web API client support for windows phone 8.1
  • Feature updates
  • Easy and quick bug fixing

Contents of Web Page 3.2:

  • Minor Changes in the features
  • Easy bug fixing.

Now, we will see the new features that are included in this release….

  1. Features of MVC 5.2:   Attribute routing provides extensibility point known as IDirectRoute Provider that permits complete control regarding the routing of attributes and how they are configured. This is responsible for providing a complete list of actions as well as controllers along with associated route details to know exactly what routing configuration is required to fulfil those actions.

  3. Features of Web API 2.2:   This release renders additional support to OData v4 Protocol. Some of the key features are as follows : 
    • Support for leasing properties in OData model.
    • Supply friendly titles for actions
    • Easily integrates with ODL Uriparser
    • Added OData Function Support
    • Support for open complex type
    • Use Odata  Core Libraries 6.4.0

  5. Features of Web Page 3.2: This has only one unique feature that is known as Bug Fixing. It can be used to fix the errors easily.


Wrap Up:

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