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20 Jun

Mobile Applications: Security Threats and How to Avoid Them

Life has become easy with mobile apps. It’s fun to play games, find different locations and much more. But, there are some of the mobile application threats that can affect your mobile. The report related to these security threats suggests that no mobile application can be trusted. Before installing any app, it is advisable to check if it contains any malware or not that can steal the data from your mobile or affect its working conditions.

It is very much important to scrutinize the mobile applications before downloading them so that you can protect yourself from any threats and can fill your phone with new apps for entertainment as well as the ones that make your life easier. In this article, we have included some tips to improve your cell security and protect you from any threats that come across while downloading the apps.

Tips to improve mobile security:

  • Scrutinize Your App: Check if the mobile application name has a proper spelling, name of the manufacturer, purpose for which the app is created. Hackers usually create fake versions looking similar to the actual apps that serve as malware which can be harmful for your mobile and there’s a danger that your confidential information may be stolen for misuse.
  • Permissions Granted to the App: Before installing a particular app, we recommend you to check the permissions that is requested by any mobile app from the device. These permissions should be reviewed before installing any app. These permissions are related to gain access to all the system settings of your mobile such as storage access, system tools, network location, mode of communication and all.A complete list of permissions must be viewed and then if you agree to those conditions, you can select “Accept” to continue the installation process.

    Permissions that are not required by normal apps:

    1. SEND SMS
    3. Installing packages on mobile, WAP PUSH.

    If any of the app requests these permissions then they are purely malicious, avoid downloading them.

  • App reviews: Before choosing any app or installing it in your mobile, we advice to go through the reviews about the app. You can judge the app from the 0-5 ratings given by the users who have already downloaded and tested it. You can also see the number of times, that app is downloaded from any particular app store. This also shows how popular and useful it is.A new app in the market can be sometimes risky to download as it may have some security concerns that are not yet tested by anyone. Be careful to install such apps or wait for the reviews. You can be the first person to review if you have complete protection and can test the app. Stay alert and avoid becoming a victim, check the apps thoroughly before giving them a place in your mobile device which is an important asset for your business as well as your personal life.

Many mobile application development companies such as Softqube technologies can provide certain app services that include app security check. You can get your app checked there if you feel any kind of threat or if you wish to prevent yourself from malwares, it’s better to get your installed apps checked and get relaxed.

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