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18 May

Web Development Companies India: How to create a product page that converts?

An e-commerce product page seems to be effective only if it captures the attention of an audience and compels them to convert to high paying customers.

Many web development companies India believe that a product page is about high-resolution images with a detailed description of the products. These are critical areas and are most required for a winning game in the simplest way.

Here we will discuss the elements that can make product page more captivating for all the visitors. Consider doing product pages to stand out of the competition.

Create Product Page

  1. Product URLs should be prioritized: The most important thing i.e. optimizing product URL is often neglected by web development companies. Many e- commerce stores do not consider URL as a part of their product page. Ignoring this fact may impede click through rate concerning organic searches.

    Different visitors may have different choices, and it can be seen when one decides to buy a product online. Let us Google’s search result below:

    It is important to understand the psychology of potential customers as they have multiple choices. Look at the two URLS and make the right choice. From the first link, you would naturally lend to the men’s clothing section of the site while the second URL would lead you to the brand page. The second one does not clear if the site is for selling clothing for men or women.

  2. SEO friendly URL :An SEO friendly URL is not only important for better rankings in the search engine but is also answer to questions related to buyer’s awareness. A URL indicates where the user will land on clicking it and after making the search query.
  3. Think about product titles carefully :The title of your product should be SEO friendly and not just gave optimized title tags. Catchy and attractive titles increase the number of clicks. Product titles should deliver a clear message to the users, and it should also be relevant. If your product page is stuffed with keywords, it will decrease chances of being clicked. Titles are important to attract the attention of a targeted audience. Make sure that the title of your page is relevant, and it is about 65 characters.

Web development companies India makes use of high quality of pictures on the product page and attracts the attention of the visitors. If users want to buy a product, encourage them to make good purchasing decisions by giving product details.

Product videos are simple in increasing business, of e- commerce. For more assistance, contact Softqube Technologies.

Hari Patel
I am the Managing Director of Softqube Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a modern-day digital transformation, design and development service provider. We provide services to businesses of all verticals across the globe. I believe and live by a mission that I help more entrepreneurs to build, launch and grow profitable businesses.
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