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11 Feb

ASP.Net 5 Updated to ASP.Net Core1.0

Hello viewers, Welcome to the World of application development. Today again, we are back with some of the updates related to Recently, an announcement was made related to the updates in ASP.Net 5.

This Announcement has led to certain questions which are answered in this blog post. Well, before we proceed with those questions; let’s take a look at the announcement:

“Two weeks Ago; 5 was updated to Core 1.0:”

ASP.Net 4.6 and ASP.Net Core 1.0

This has led to certain questions which are as follows:

  • Still at many places we can see 5 only: Even though the name is changed from .net 5 to .net core 1.0; still at various official places it is seen as .Net 5.

    All changes related to coding etc are in process however the version that can be downloaded from NuGet and can be used with Visual Studio is called as ASP.Net 5. Hence, it is still available in the same name till the time the new version of Core is shipped to customers.

    During that point, it will be updated online everywhere.

  • Versions of MVC and Web API: The entire 5 MVC6 Web API2 versioning scheme was entirely a perplexed one where as the new core version 1.0 a new set is completely up of along with several features and capabilities.

    It varies to a great extent as compared to ASP. Net Core1.0, it also includes MVC and Web API with one version. These all are part of Core 1.0.

  • When will it be released?: Since last few months; we take various ideas available in DNX and then merging them with some of the ideas that the .team utilized for developing native applications using .net Core.

    One can deliver consistent tool chain for all .Net Core applications. The road map for release is available on GitHub. It was thought that by the end of January 2016, one will have several DNX features and experiences implemented on the top of NET Core.

    All those who are directly or indirectly related to the new version release; were aware about the date to be missed as they didn’t have anything completely working together.

    We heard about constant feedback related to the change from DNX to CLI. This is one of the primary reasons that caused the schedule to get delayed. This made clear that there was lack of proper planning, hence the dates got missed.

    New Dates could be arrived however these would not be as accurate as one feels without delivering or reviewing the current state as well as new tools that make sure the project is to be delivered.

    As and when the new tools are ready, the roadmaps will get updated with relevant dates for ASP.Net as well as .Net Core. These teams make constant efforts to update appropriate road maps and also offer updates about frameworks and tools.

Take Away:

So, till the time new dates for updates are available; keep using the same ASP. Net 5 and make sure that you keep on checking the updates if you really wish to stay aware about updates process.

Hope this blog post will provide you sufficient information about updated industry. For more such details, guidance stay tuned with Softqube Technologies; application development.

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