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26 Jun

Developing Mobile Applications that Work Offline

While the mobile applications development trend is increasing day by day, most of the mobile applications rely on the internet connectivity. However, slow down network connection or lack of the internet connection is a big obstacle for mobile applications. But don’t worry, now the solution is available. Now mobile applications have evolved and be capable of working offline.

There are certain options that can be used to access the data without the use of network connectivity. Depending on how and where mobile applications are used such as remote locations, home, public places like airport, cafeteria etc. These options can be used accordingly.

  • Use Online Data Only: This is the default method that generally works to get the data. But, it works only with the use of network connection. Some of the features of this application can work offline but some may not. In addition, certain mobile applications have an alert service that show an alert to the users when the internet connection is poor.
  • Cached Data: This type of data is available on the device itself considering it same as the live data only. During unavailability of network connection, this data is useful and being used by the applications to carry out the functions and provide the required output.

    Creating the structure of Cached Data design as well as deploying it , is somewhat difficult as compared to the design of online data application. It is because here in cached data , the data is to be searched from the local device in case internet is unavailable or network connectivity is slow.

    This application is somewhat easy to use and is very straightforward as it solely relies on the actions of the users as to from where and how to get the data.

  • Offline Data Copy: One of the best ways to get the data when there’s poor or no network connection is to use of the copy of data that is stored for offline work. While working online, you can save the copy so that it will be useful to you during odd times in case you don’t have a net connection or it is not working properly.

But this requires more space, so you need to make room in your device for offline files. This option doesn’t affect the application performance; it provides the same user experience when you work online. It’s developed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Developing mobile applications having the option to save data for offline work is not easy. Yet, depending on the mobile development platform, the process to create such apps can be made easier. Efforts are going to on to make an easier development process as this one is the most useful option available on mobile devices.

Hence, now hope that working without internet can also be as convenient as working with it. Our mobile application development professionals at Softqube technologies are here to guide you related to the mobile applications that meets to your needs and budget.

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